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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting my beautiful people. There’s just been a shit storm of crap falling all around and I haven’t been able to get all of my thoughts together. But…it’s FRIDAY and I’m going to say at least a little something today!!

I know there’s a lot that have been going on lately, from the gorilla, to the shootings, to the little boy in the lake…everyone has been so up in arms about it all. It’s just all so heartbreaking. I don’t want this post to be about those things, I want it to be happy and cheerful and not bring anyone down any more than they are already.
AND, I REFUSE TO TALK POLITICS! So you’ll never see any of that here!!

Let’s talk books. Let’s talk about what makes us happy!!

I want to congratulate my great friend Heidi McLaughlin on her retirement from her full time job to become a full time author!! The courage it takes to do so is huge and I know she will do amazing!

I’ve recently read some great books and I’ve also read some books that really need overhauls. I’m not going to author bash because lord knows I’ve never had enough balls to be able to do what you authors do!

I’m currently reading 4 books…I know, how do you read more than one at a time. Well, it’s not that hard. I thought the same thing for a long time but in the past months, I’ve learned that it’s actually VERY possible.

I’ve recently read Love’s Learning Curve by Felicia Lynn and that was an adorable lovely book.  It’s about stepping out of the box and taking chances. Very well written and the narration didn’t feel forced. It was sweet, easy and fun.

I’ve also read Struck by the Record by KA Linde. For those of you who have read KA, you know she’s the angst queen. This story about Clay and Andrea was so good!! The strength, growth and perseverance of the characters make a good book amazing. And that’s what KA did with this one. Very well written, easy flow, it was well worth the read! You guys don’t want to miss this one, trust me.

There are so many more books I’ve read but just realized I still haven’t written/posted reviews on. Oh my, I’m such a BAD girl!! I will try and catch up on all of my reviews this weekend.

Let me know what you are reading, sharing is caring after all!
Until Next Time,
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