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About Crazy Beautiful:

Kinsley Moore and Lucas Graham make great friends. They make even better friends with benefits… Kinsley Moore doesn’t believe in love. As an independent, self-determined entrepreneur, she has other things to worry about. Besides, she knows guys are incapable of commitment, so there’s no use getting close. But when she meets Lucas Graham, her new landlord’s flirty, sexy son, she’s more than up for some casual fun. Lucas is in no way looking for a relationship either, so when he’s offered a no-strings, strictly friends-with-benefits hookup with a beautiful girl, the opportunity is too good to pass up. He’s not able to give his heart away, so it’s perfect Kinsley prefers to keep emotions out of their arrangement. Except when Lucas and Kinsley start to feel something more, their complicated pasts threaten to overshadow any chance they might have at a future together. Can Lucas prove he’s capable of love? Can Kinsley believe she is enough?

**This books is for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content** Crazy Beautiful 3

Ryan stays quiet for a minute, jamming his hands in his pockets as he leans back against the wall, silently chewing a piece of gum. I think he’s going to drop it, but no such luck. “So are you pissy because you haven’t gotten laid in a while, or are you upset because part of you is thinking it could have been you and Chelsea standing up there today?”
        I usually appreciate Ryan’s directness, but sometimes his straight-to-the-point attitude is a little unnerving…as well as eerily on point.
        I continue to look in the mirror and adjust the tie one last time. “I haven’t gotten laid because it’s my choice. You know that, so don’t be a dick.” Once I finish, I turn to look at him. “And just because Chelsea wanted it, doesn’t mean it was right.”
        Chelsea is a good friend of Danielle’s, and as such is one of her bridesmaids. Chelsea and I dated back when we graduated. We were together for five years and things were good. Comfortable. But then she started hinting that she wanted more of a commitment. I sort of let her believe we would get married, but ultimately I didn’t see myself settling down. We split, but things ended pretty amicably. It’s been two years and we’re still friends. She even works for one of my clients. Ryan always warns me that she still thinks we’re going to end up together, and OK, maybe I am kind of an asshole for keeping her close. But she was a part of my life for so long that I can’t just cut her off. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made it clear that we’re only friends now, but she likes pretending we might still have a chance…and I guess I like knowing someone still cares about me. It’s fucked up, but it’s just how it is with us.
        The real truth is that ever since my mom died when I was thirteen, I’ve never been able to get close to a girl. I watched how horrible it was for my dad to lose the love of his life and I vowed never to allow myself to go through that. When I met Chelsea I thought I could change, but turns out I only liked the company…having someone there for me when I needed or wanted it. Eventually it wasn’t fair to lead Chelsea on, so I ended it. I told her she deserved someone who can give her every part of him, which is the truth. I’m not that guy, but she thinks maybe someday I can be.
        After we broke up, I slept with just about any woman who looked my way, trying to feel something, which obviously wasn’t the answer to my problems either. So for the past six months I’ve been trying to change. I’m not capable of love, but I’m also tired of the random, one-night stands.
        Now if only I can find a girl who understands the meaning of casual, things would be perfect.




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victoria_gloria_ConfettiQueen-23 2 When she’s not making confetti as head honcho over at The Confetti Bar (, co-dreaming with creative women through Monarch Workshop (, and blogging about her health & wellness journey going sugar-free at Simple Unsweet (, Jessica loves to spend her nights getting caught up in imaginary worlds. She lives in central CT with her husband, Clifford, and the cutest cat EVER, named Curious.   She loves colorful things, making people smile, things that smell good, and is obsessed with lemon water. And glitter. Lots of glitter.   She also loves, well…love. (She’s a sucker for a sweet story.)   You can check out what she’s up to at and on Instagram (@jshbooks)

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