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Champagne Bubbles & Lipstick Stains

Janae Keyes

Contemporary Interracial/Erotic Romance

Release Date: September 22, 2016

Cover Artist: Courtney Cannon

cover-to-use cest-la-vie Taylor Walker is an eccentric young artist. While she chases her dreams, her parents have been breathing down her neck to find a real career. When offered the opportunity to commission a piece in London, she jumps at the chance. Upon arriving in London, Taylor learns her new employer is a reclusive billionaire bachelor. Lord Nathaniel Branagan is scruffy, brash, and downright rude. Nathaniel is closed into himself and Taylor tries to break his hard shell. When Nathaniel opens up to her, she finds he is much more than he puts off and finds herself seduced by him. Are you ready to be tied up with this BWWM Erotic Romance?
Nate’s hot breath came in contact with my heat leaving me struggling to keep my balance in my high heels. He took a firm hold at my thighs, the heat of his breath growing stronger until the tip of his tongue was running up my slit. I grabbed his shoulder to keep myself standing while I shook with delight. His tongue repeated his previous action, but the second time going in deeper and brushing over my knot of pleasure.
“Mmm,” I sighed as my head went back, relishing in the sparks that flew through my body at each of his slow licks.
He yanked me closer to his warm mouth, nearly knocking me off my feet. I gripped at his silky soft hair while my other hand kept a firm hold on his shoulder. This was more than I could want and the thought of knowing there would be more, that alone could drive me off the edge, but at once, his assault ended. I snapped my head down to see what he was doing. He gave me a soft grin before wiping his mouth.
“Go to the bed, just sit down,” he told me. I worked to straighten my wobbling limbs before teetering my way toward the bed. I sat on the edge and looked Nate, whoNate who wasn’t far behind me.
He was standing over me in seconds, spreading my legs and positioning himself between them. His hand settled on my cheek, rubbing it softly. I leaned into his hand, just being in that moment with him, I didn’t need more.
“Now that I’ve got you warmed up. I’m going to get out my toolbox, I keep it filled with everything I need to give you the most pleasure possible,” he informed me. What did that mean? What did tools have to do with sex?
“Toolbox, you mean full of sex toys like vibrators, dildos, and stuff?” I asked, feeling completely ignorant and oblivious to those types of things. I’d never been that girl. I had friends who raged about their vibrators and newest sex toys, but that had never been something that interested me. Now, though, I was intrigued.
“No, no, my darling. I don’t want anything inside of you except me,” he insisted right away, his olive eyes stressing his seriousness. I bit my lip and nodded. “The items in my box, they don’t vibrate or penetrate. What they do is enhance and enlighten your experience. You will use your senses in a way you’ve never thought possible.” He paused as he continued to stroke my cheek. “Darling, close your eyes, imagine the most pleasure you’ve ever felt.”
Closing my eyes, I thought of the other night, the way he’d sent me over the edge over and over, keeping me trapped in a relentless cycle of pleasure all given by him. My chest heaved up and down, and my core yearned as I recounted those memories.
“I can see it on your face, remembering that pleasure. Now imagine that times ten or more. The items in my toolbox will do that for you, if only you let me. Giving me all the control means allowing me to use my tools. Will you agree to let me use my tools?”
“Yes,” I answered not giving it any thought. Just thinking of that night and knowing I could have that with much more intensity was all the invitation I needed.
“And you remember your word if you want it to stop?” he asked me again for what felt like the millionth time. I appreciated the care he took for me. I smiled sweetly at him.
“Yes, I remember,” I responded thinking of my selected word.
He grinned at me like a child on Christmas morning as he reached his arms under the bed and began to pull something. I glanced down as he produced an old wooden trunk. With a click, he unlocked it and lifted the lid.
“I think only these for tonight,” he said, seemingly to himself as he pulled out what appeared to be silky deep purple scarves. I was confused, why did we need scarves. He glanced up from the silky material in his hands and into my intrigued eyes.
“Lie down on the bed,” he instructed as he stood to his feet.
I did as told, and I moved to the middle of the bed and laid down with my head nestled into the soft pillows. Nate came over me right away, scarves in hand. He took my right hand and began to wrap the scarf around it snuggly. I watched as he took my hand and lifted it toward the headboard. Reaching behind the pillows, I noticed something I hadn’t from our last encounter, there was a large round metal hook attached to the headboard. He tied the other end of the scarf to the hook, one of my hands was tied to the bed. I now understood what the scarves were for as he began to do the same with my other hand and on my left side, there was again another hook behind the pillows on the headboard.
With both of my hands tied, I watched Nate, who had a final scarf in his hands. I wondered where he would use it as he couldn’t just tie one of my legs. Nate straddled my hips giving me his sexy smirk before he brought the scarf to my face. Everything went black as he covered my eyes.
“Lift your head for a moment,” he told me and I did so. I felt him tie the silky material behind my head before pressing it back to its spot on the pillows. I couldn’t see anything as I laid on the bed. Nate hovered above me, but soon he was gone. I was seemingly alone, naked, and tied to his bed.
I strained my ears in an attempt to hear, but my hearing was compromised by the pounding of my heart and the roughness of my breath. Then I felt it, movement on the mattress, Nate had joined me on the bed once again. His hands began to graze my legs, my hairs stood on ends, and I felt goosebumps start to make their appearance.
“Soft and delicious,” Nate murmured before his lips came in contact with my belly button. I wiggled under his touches.
Slow and steady, he touched and kissed. Stopping at my one of my nipples, he took it into his mouth, sucking hard, like his life depended on it before taking a nip that caused me to grip at my silky restraints. My eyes were begging to see through the darkness, and my body was on edge. It was as if my primal needs were beginning to stir, my senses were on fire making up for what my eyes couldn’t do.
I felt his every touch, suck, lick, bite, and kiss. I could hear his breathing, it was relaxed and calm in comparison to my hard and rushed breaths. I didn’t know how it was possible, but it was as if I could taste the electricity of our arousals in the air. I was burning from inside, aching for every touch.

Janae was born and raised in the California Bay Area. She grew up a very creative only child and has been writing for as long as she can remember.
Janae accidently met her now husband online and a whirlwind romance began because of their mutual love of Harry Potter. After dating long distance, Janae picked up her life in California and moved halfway around the world to Belgium to be with with him, all in the life of a hopeless romantic.
When Janae isn’t chasing around her active toddler, she is working on new ideas and working to improve her craft. Janae is currently living in a suburb of Brussels, Belgium with her husband and daughter.


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