Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Today we have Tell Me A Truth by Tamara Lush, the last in the sexy serial novella! Grab your copy today, and check out Tamara’s giveaway! TMAT BT Ban About Tell Me A Truth: TMAT A billionaire real estate magnate returns from the dead, making his family's dearest dream come true. There's only one problem--Caleb Kin remembers his parents, siblings, home and career … but not Emma, woman he married, or the child she claims is his. Don't miss the heart-pounding final installment in Emma and Caleb's journey

Get your copy of Tell Me the Truth today! Get your copy today: TELL ME A TRUTH Catch up on the series: TELL ME A STORY TELL ME A DESIRE TELL ME A LIE TELL ME A SECRET   FB-ad-3 FB-ad-2 About Tamara Lush: me During the day, Tamara Lush writes news as a journalist with The Associated Press. At night, she writes fictional romance tales about complicated, sexy men and the women who love them. Her first full-length novel, HOT SHADE, was published in September 2015 with Boroughs Publishing Group. INTO THE HEAT is her second full-length novel and it’s also with Boroughs. TELL ME A STORY is Tamara’s first novella. It’s the first episode of The Story Series, a five-novella serial about a bookstore owner who reads erotica to a billionaire during a literary event in Florida. When Tamara isn’t reporting, writing or reading, she’s doing yoga, cooking for her Italian husband or chasing her dogs on a beach on Florida's Gulf Coast. She loves connecting with people on social media. Connect With Tamara: WEBSITE: http://www.tamaralush.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/tamaralushwrites TWITTER: @tamaralush PINTEREST: www.pinterest.com/tamlush INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/tamlush AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE: http://amzn.to/1ZzmbKC GOODREADS AUTHOR PAGE: https://www.goodreads.com/Tamara_Lush TMAS giveaway Enter Tamara’s Giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway  

EXCERPT:  “Your homework in the next week is to touch. And to kiss. Fool around, if you want, like teenagers. If you feel comfortable.”
I stifled a grin. Warmth flared through my body.
“I want you to start tonight or tomorrow, if you want, by holding hands. Practice holding hands and also hugging.”
It made me gleeful, the idea of practicing with my husband. I caught Caleb’s eye, and he seemed enchanted and cast his eyes downward, as if he was a bit bashful because he could detect I was so thrilled by the idea.
“Tomorrow, I want you to kiss, but make it a chaste kiss. Then escalate from there. But—and this is important—I don’t want you to have sex this week. You can do as much as you both feel like, but no penetration. You two need to create a yearning for each other.”
“Well, he needs to create a yearning for me,” I blurted. “I already have a huge yearning for him.”
The two men looked at me with amused smiles.
“What?” I asked. “I tend to talk pretty openly about sex because I’m an erotica writer. Well, was an erotica writer. I haven’t written anything lately. I’m being honest about my desire.”
“And I’m glad you are, Emma. It will make therapy a lot easier. So, during the day, spend time together as a family. Take Charlotte out. And then at night…” His tone dropped and my skin prickled with anticipation. I cleared my throat and saw the corners of Caleb’s mouth quirk upward.
Dr. Santamaria continued. “At night, or whenever is convenient, like when Charlotte is taking a nap, the two of you are allowed to be intimate. But remember: not too intimate. And only if you feel comfortable.”
I suspected that the doctor knew exactly how intimate I wanted to be with my husband. I shifted in my seat, impatient. But this sounded fun.
“And, Emma, this is important on your end. Don’t compare this Caleb—” the doctor waved his hand in my husband’s direction “—to the old Caleb. Don’t tell Caleb about sexual experiences the two of you used to have. However wonderful those might have been. You need to have zero expectations of this new Caleb. The goal of this homework is to make new memories together. To create a new craving for each other.”
“To help us fall in love again,” I whispered.
“Exactly,” said the doctor, while Caleb regarded him with a cool stare.
I liked this man. Therapy wasn’t such a bad thing after all, and neither was the homework.

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