Friday, September 2, 2016

Today we have the blog tour for Unnatural Souls by Linda Foster! Check it out and grab your copy of this fantastic new paranormal romance. Unnatural Souls BT Ban About Unnatural Souls: UnnaturalSoul_LindaFoster_FrontSMALL_final It's been almost a year since the night of the accident that should have killed Grace. Nearly a year since her brother, Ash, sold his soul to save her. She survived, but that wasn’t the end of their story. Not even close. In the months since, Grace’s life has turned upside down. She can move objects with her mind, teleport in a blink of an eye, see dead people … and that's just the tip of the crazy train. And that would be fine, really … if she had any idea how to control it. Instead, she’s stuck in a body that does things she doesn’t understand. And now, the contract her brother made for her life is drawing to a close. Which means he’s running out of time before the demon comes to collect his soul. Unless Grace can find a way to save him. When an angel named Michael shows up with answers and an offer to help her, she jumps at the chance—and agrees to help him with his own mission as the price. Then she finds out that Michael is working with another demon. That the deal she’s made … is no better than the one from which she’s trying to save Ash. And she’s faced with a choice: turn and walk away, or try to save her brother—by working with the very monsters who have nearly destroyed them both. Get Your Copy Today: Amazon memeteaser2   Linda Foster Bio: Linda Foster was born and raised in Colorado, where she still lives with her (very patient) husband, two (very spoiled) ferrets and (equally spoiled) dog. Linda became an avid reading enthusiast the moment she picked up her first book, and has grown steadily worse. By the time she was fifteen years old, her library had become too big for her shelves, and she was forced to donate all her books to the local school, just to make room for new ones. She started writing short novellas for her friends in middle school, and expanded into full-length novels several years later.   The Realm of the Claimed novellas are her first published work. Connect with Linda: Facebook Twitter memeteaser1 Enter Linda’s Giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway
I felt a stronger pulse of power than I ever had before. And then the heat intensified tenfold. In the next moment, the tightness in my chest snapped, like a bolt of lightning had just hit me square in the chest. And then the pressure was gone. There was no pain, just a buzzing of electricity, of power that shot outwards.
A brilliant blue light illuminated the entire street for a split second before fading into a soft glow. A glow that covered my hands.
None of this had slowed the demons down, though, and when I looked up, I saw snarling faces and grasping hands. They weren’t going to let me get away. They were on me. And before I could move, one of them reached out, grabbing my arm.
I swung out at him without thinking, my hands still glowing.
As my fist flew forward, I felt an object materializing inside it. Then a second object appeared in my other hand. It all happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think—I just grasped hold of them. When I did, I felt my power coursing through my hands … and then through the weapons themselves. Suddenly I could see them, the moonlight glinting across a shining blue blade, and what I’d originally meant to be a punch to the demon’s gut ended up being much more.
A blade, driven right into its belly.
Shock rocked through me and time seemed to slow, my heavy breathing deafening in the now silent alley. All the demons had stopped in their tracks.
The monster in front of me looked down to where my hand was. I ripped the blade from his gut and he glanced back up, his eyes and mouth going wide. A moment later, he turned to dust.
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