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Vanessa Liebe Smuggler's Bounty

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Elizabeth Thornton is left all alone in Georgian England after losing her parents in a tragic accident, so she travels to Cornwall to live with her kindly, older, and very proper Aunt Judith. Soon, however, she begins to suspect her aunt of hiding something nefarious. Determined to learn the truth behind the strange goings on, she sets out on a quest for the truth. A quest that leads to danger, and trouble with the law, and a very handsome smuggler with a firm hand and smoldering, sexy eyes who is as determined to keep Elizabeth safe as she seems to be to put herself in harm's way.
map and spyglass William is growing tired of the smuggler's life of danger and instability. If he can just finish his last run, he can give it all up and finally settle down, find love, and start a family. But he already has a preventative officer hot on his heels who is determined to end his career and throw him in jail – or worse. The beautiful, headstrong Elizabeth is a complication he does not need. But she, too, is hot on his heels – and irresistible. Now he must avoid capture, and find time to discipline this woman with an appetite for adventure, who seems determined to steal his heart. ship and moon When these two are together passions ignite, sparks fly, and danger lurks around every corner. Can Elizabeth and William avoid the law? Will they finally find the happiness that has so long eluded them both? Tour Titles Social Media Links
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"Well, Elizabeth," he drawled as he walked toward her. "I said I would punish you if I ever caught you in the smuggler's domain again and by god you deserve a good spanking, my girl."

She gulped but didn't move. He came to stand in front of her. Then before she could blink he pulled her arms away and grabbed her around the waist, bringing her against him. "Oomph." Air left her lungs and she put her hands flat on his chest to steady herself. William looked down into her blue eyes and felt such a stirring of lust for the beautiful girl in his arms. But he was also still furious with her. He held her to him with one arm around her waist and then reached out with his other arm to smack her hard on one ass cheek, feeling the firm flesh quiver.

Elizabeth cried out, more in surprise than any pain, and glared at him. He could see she was itching to slap his face for it. "You have no right to chastise me," she said indignantly, before trying to push herself away from him.

William pressed her tighter against him, slid his hand under her wet shift and caressed the cheek he had smacked. "I have every right, when I warned you specifically, Elizabeth."

She moaned as he stroked and caressed her firm ass, the skin so much more sensitive after his strokes had brought the blood to the surface. And it seemed she had penchant for being disciplined the way she squirmed against him.

"I didn't take your threat seriously," she muttered and he clenched his jaw, in danger of losing control. God, the feel of her rubbing herself against him. His cock hardened again and he knew by her gasp that she felt it pressing into her.

"I know you didn't take it seriously. You're a danger to yourself and others, Elizabeth, but you really scared me when I saw you in just your shift in the sea like that. If anyone else had found you like that, you would have been ravished and that's why I should spank some sense into you. For that and for disobeying me."

He spoke the truth. She had scared him.

William slapped her other ass cheek a bit harder and she cried out again, her hands gripping onto his wet, white shirt. "I'm sorry," she sobbed.

"Are you?" he spit out the words and spanked her twice more on the lower half of her ass cheeks.


He caressed her smarting flesh and she hissed while rubbing her sex onto him. "Please. William."

"Please what?"

Two more smacks.

"Please stop. I'm sorry for disobeying you."

William relented. "Promise me you won't come down here again."

She looked up at him. "I promise."

Her husky voice destroyed his last bit of control. "Good. Now, I want to show you that you're mine, lass. I've disciplined you enough. I want to do other things to that beautiful body of yours."


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