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How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things
By A.Wilding Wells
Released on April  11th

My name is Matilda Pearl. My life is a non-stop riddle I hope to one day solve. 
I’ve learned to protect my heart; fate has dealt me more than a few shit cards in my twenty-two years. Invisibility tops my list, not to mention tragedy. 
I was yanked out of a Paris-France life by my ass of a father, and thrown into a one year journey on a farm in Wisconsin. I’ve been assigned the impossible: Wife Catcher.   Simply put, until I replace myself I’m Mary Poppins, the beast tamer, ringmaster of the unruly, complete with twin toddlers and a beast of a man. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my three-ring circus.
The Beast – Balthazar Cox – is repulsive…as in that sexy, I-just-died-and-went-toheaven sort of repulsive. He walks the earth like he owns it, with his tatted trunk of a body and chiseled-rough, blazing good looks. The beastly Brit – did I mention that he’s English? – also happens to be my widowed brother-in-law, a man haunted by betrayal and abandonment, and for whom I’m on task to find a wife. If I succeed I’ll be rewarded with my juicy trust fund. And, yes, it will happen. You can keep your diamonds and designer clothes…. With my bag of loot, I plan on becoming the Patron Saint of Lost and Found Animals.
When the past resurfaces more than once for both of us, all hell breaks loose.  Can you be lost and found at once? In other words, sometimes lies can be cathartic.  Some people heal us; some of us heal others. 
This is mostly a love story, an unlikely sexy romance with whiplash twists, boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, and multiple risks of losing everything.  It may have more heartache, and drama than some but in the end it’s about truth, discovery and forgiveness. Maybe it was wrong to fall for him. Or maybe the hole in his heart was always waiting for me to fill it. Now there’s a riddle for you.



Around four, I discover Matilda and the boys making chalk drawings on the fieldstone path in front of the house. The boys jump from stone to stone, their bare feet picking up colorful chalk dust as they leap around.

“These are cool drawings, thanks for introducing them to new things.” I kneel and choose a fat blue chunk of chalk from a pile of pieces.

Matilda focuses her attention on the stone she’s sitting on, and continues drawing. “Oh, yeah. It’s fun for me. I’ve never spent much time with little kids, it’s nice. I love how free they are about everything.”

“Looks like you’re a natural. A kid magnet.”

“I’ve got a lot of kid in me so it’s easy. Plus making things is kind of what I do, clothing and other things,” she says, lifting the edge of her skirt to make her point.

I doodle trees that resemble mangled broccoli. “You’re an artist, then? Lavinia had said that about you.” Jax squats at her feet and tries to color her toes. Her shoulders shake as she laughs while handing Jax a new color for each toe.

“She talked about me?” Her face lights up as her mouth drops open then spreads into a grin. “She said that? Oh, wow!”

“She uh…” I cringe, trying to find the right words for what Lavinia had said about Matilda and her creativity. It was never nice. She was never nice about Matilda.

She waves her hand around as her face reddens. “Oh, got it. Yeah. She talked about me. As in I’m an artist.” She finger quotes. “Right. Of course.” Her eyes darken with pain as she looks away and drags the back of her hand under her nose.

“Hey, you don’t need to do that.” I take her chin in my fingers and guide her back to our conversation.

Her hands fist the fabric of her skirt. “It’s no biggie. I grew up knowing my place in my family.”

“Which was what?” Lavinia made her out to be an introverted flake. A colorless child that shied away from the Pearl family’s highfalutin circus lifestyle. She may have no idea how uniquely beautiful she is. At some point, I’ll tell her how her pouty red lips shout kiss me. And the way her full of emotion eyes amuse my sensibilities in a secret language, that I’ll figure out if it kills me. And the way her melodic voice lures me closer when it shrinks, and then makes me laugh when it comes out pouncing with honest declarations. She needs to know, these little things are affecting me in ways I want to act on. But will I? Can I?

“Invisible. I still am.” She huffs. “Let’s face it, the only reason I’m here is that Dad wants Lavinia’s children to be brought up properly. You know, a perfect little nuclear family. You get that he thought she was faultless, right?” She scrawls jagged lines across her drawing, which I’m just realizing is of a family. “Does he even know she fucked around on you with that producer or whatever? Does he know she abandoned you? Anyway, that’s what Aunt Molly told me, maybe I’m just talking out of my ass. Sorry, that wasn’t very nice.” She whips the chalk in her hand as if it’s a knife. I imagine it’s her father she’s hoping it stabs into as it cuts through the air.

“You’re not, it’s all true,” I admit, wondering how Lavinia ever made sense for me at all. “I have no idea if he knows the details. Your dad and I are not exactly friendly.”

Jax climbs onto Matilda’s lap and wraps his arms around her, then nestles his face into her bosom. I wish.

“I’m sorry you went through all of that, and as for my dad, don’t take it personally, he’s not friendly with me either and I’m his daughter. He barely acknowledges me. I can’t believe he even thought I was capable of finding you a nanny-wife. I guess we’ll see, I’ll need to get on that soon, won’t I?”

A Wilding Wells Bio:
I’m a mother of four sons, a country dweller, a foodie, an animal and nature lover and an entrepreneur. I started my first company when I was twenty-three with my husband and partner, the lovely man I am still married to and work with twenty-four years later. Together we’ve always created. I’ve written several books in other genres under a different name. My first novel is A Mess of Reason.  My second book, How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things, is out now!
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