Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Your Captivating Love by Layla Hagen

Synopsis: Logan Bennett knows his priorities. He is loyal to his family and his company. He has no time for love, and no desire for it. Not after a disastrous engagement left him brokenhearted. When Nadine enters his life, she turns everything upside down. 

She’s sexy, funny, and utterly captivating. She’s also more stubborn than anyone he’s met…including himself. 

Nadine Hawthorne is finally pursuing her dream: opening her own clothing shop. After working so hard to get here, she needs to concentrate on her new business, and can’t afford distractions. Not even if they come in the form of Logan Bennett. He’s handsome, charming, and doesn’t take no for an answer. After bitter disappointments, Nadine doesn’t believe in love. But being around Logan is addicting. It doesn’t help that Logan’s family is scheming to bring them together at every turn. 

Their attraction is sizzling, their connection undeniable. Slowly, Logan wins her over. What starts out as a fling, soon spirals into much more than they are prepared for. 

When a mistake threatens to tear them apart, will they have the strength to hold on to each other? 

*This book is a standalone. Each book in The Bennett Family series will follow a different couple.* 

I do my best to keep my gaze from Logan and fail often. Oh, what the hell I might be on a self-imposed break from men, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire a fine specimen of the male variety when I see one. Let the ogling of Logan Bennett officially begin.
Logan raises his glass in my direction and pins me with his gaze, igniting every inch of my body. I’m wearing a fitted black dress and a short jacket, which is currently open. Without even bothering to pretend, his eyes travel all over my body, resting briefly on my hips then breasts before returning to my face. I cock an eyebrow. The corners of his lips lift in a smile.
Well, then.
That’s when I catch Pippa watching us.
“I’m cold,” she says abruptly. Her comment surprises me since it’s not cold at all. “I’m going to wait for you all inside.” She and Ava exchange looks.
“I’ll join you. I finished my drink anyway,” Ava says.
“I can’t very well leave two beautiful ladies alone. I’ll join you,” Sebastian adds. “Logan, can you keep Nadine company while she finishes her drink?”
Logan narrows his eyes at his brother and sister while I barely contain my laughter. I overheard Ava and Pippa planning to play matchmakers for Logan and me, but could they be more obvious? They both head inside with Sebastian tailing them.
The second we’re alone, the air between us thickens with tension. His mortification with his siblings apparently forgotten, Logan’s gaze is smoldering once more. I struggle for words to fill the silence, but being on the receiving end of his attention is a tad more than my mind can process, and definitely too much for my body. My nipples harden beneath my flimsy dress as heat pools in my lower body.
“Wow, that was smooth,” Logan comments. “In the interest of starting with a clean slate, I must tell you that my siblings are playing—”
“A matchmaking game? Yeah, I noticed. They’ve told me a lot about you, Logan.” Smiling, I take a sip of my martini.
“All good things, I hope,” he says.
“Well, good is relative. Interpretable.”
Logan groans, circling the table to stop right next to me. My body buzzes with life at his proximity.
“Also in the interest of starting with a clean slate, please tell me what you’ve been told. I need to debunk those myths.”
“Nothing too bad, don’t worry. That you’re smart, competitive.” With a smile, I add as an afterthought, “And that you have a giant-sized ego.”
Logan gives me an I-told-you-so look. “See, that last bit is entirely untrue.”
“Is that so?”
“You have my word.”
“Mmm… Actions speak louder than words. Time will tell.”
“Am I on a probation period of some kind?” He leans toward me, and I take a deep breath. Big mistake. He smells amazing: ocean and sandalwood and inherent masculinity. My knees weaken.
“Maybe,” I answer playfully. He laughs, a sound that puts me at ease and makes my heart gallop all at once. Logan Bennett isn’t just sexy; this man is sex on a stick.
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