Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sloan Johnson's Blog Hop Tour


Welcome to the Blog Hop for Sloan Johnson!!  If you haven't read her books, you really really need to!!

Listen here to an excerpt from her recently released book Dance With Destiny!

Below are links to her M/M books, they are amazing and I highly suggest them to be read!!

She has a new book releasing in February

 - Godsend.
Below is the blurb:

You can’t choose who you fall in love with. Despite knowing from a young age that he was gay, Scott

Murphy couldn’t imagine life without Shelly. He threw away the labels and had eleven amazing years

with her, but now, he feels even more lost trying to figure out how to move on after Shelly’s death.

After nearly a year of watching Scott fade away, Shelly’s father forces him to start living again.

As much as Chris loathes the idea of attending a bereavement group week after week, it’s one of the

only places he can go in this town, other than the bar, to not feel so alone. When there’s nothing to

distract him or dull his senses, he spends too much time obsessing over how he should have been

able to help his sister. When Scott shows up at his group session, Chris decides that maybe some

good can come out of his sister’s death.

There’s no denying that Chris is the first man to catch Scott’s attention in a long time, but how can he

move on when just thinking of Shelly sends him to his dark place?

The road to recovery won’t be an easy one, but Chris is determined to help Scott see that life is still

worth living. But before Scott can allow himself to admit what he feels for Chris, he knows he has to

reveal the full truth about Shelly’s death.

Code Word: Christopher Lane
For those of you who aren't into the M/M scene...or are into both, check out more of her amazing work below!

The Isthmus Alliance


Truth or Dare


Fragile Bonds (Standalone)

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