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Georgette's Weekly Reviews 04-17 to 04-23

Georgette’s Weekly Reviews

Hey all, I came to you last week with the books I’ve read and caught you up on my reviews.  I’ve decided to try and go back to completing this weekly…let’s hope I can keep it up for you!!

When I left you off, I was in the middle of reading Smitten by Lacey Weatherford.  Well, since then, I’ve completed 5 more books.  I’ve slowed down a lot since last year and am trying not to read as fast as I did last year.  I want more time to sit and appreciate the little things!

Well, that’s enough of this nonsense, you want to read my reviews, not crazy stuff!

April 16th – Smitten by Lacey Weatherford
This book starts off right where Crush left off.  Cami and Dylan have moved on and now Cami is a college student.  Dylan is unfortunately pulled into another undercover case and has to leave Cami behind.  Well, turns out things don’t happen that way.  Cami winds up getting right in the middle of Dylan’s case because the two of them refused to follow orders and could not help but see one another.  Ripper is straight evil! But it gets worse than that.  A person they thought they could trust turns their back on them in the end. 
This book was really good.  I don’t think there is a series where Lacey doesn’t make you cry!! She just wants to make sure you feel every emotion!
I’m giving this book 4 stars and definitely recommend this series.

April 17th – Love by Lacey Weatherford

So, I waited for all the book in this series to come out before I read them and I was definitely not disappointed!!
Just when you think all of the drama surrounding Cami and Dylan is gone, you’ve been mistaken! Dylan gives up what he loves to make a happy home for Cami but troubles of the past come back and haunt them. 
This book, Lacey really made you feel the emotions.  I bawled like a baby in some parts! That is a true gift that this author has!
I gave this book 4 stars and again, please read this series people!! It’s amazing!!!

April 19th – Bad Things by RK Lilley

Danika and Tristan…ugh! I don’t know how to explain some of the emotions I felt reading these books.  Both of these characters had so much going on in their lives.  Danika is a strong female lead that somehow was weakened.  She took on a scene just to make a man happy.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  In the end, things went from bad to worse and there were times I wanted to smack the hell out of both of them and tell them to grow up! HA!
I gave this book 4 stars and do recommend reading it.

April 20th – Rock Bottom by RK Lilley

OMG!!! This book pissed me off more than you could imagine!! They took the characters and made them into people I truly disliked.  Danika turned into a weak girl and Tristan turned into one of the biggest assholes I have ever read!  This story was a disaster for me!
I gave this book 3 stars because although I don’t like what the author did with the characters, there was a solid storyline that leads into the next book.  You have to read this book in the series to understand what comes next.

April 21st – Lovely Trigger by RK Lilley

There was so many reasons that I did not want to read this book and finish this series.  The last book had destroyed any feelings I had for these characters.  Danika who was once a strong woman was turned weak! It killed me.  Tristan who was strong and faithful turned into a real bastard who I couldn’t stand!
Danika and Tristan getting to know each other all over again was quite the feat.  I don’t know if I were in Danika’s shoes I would’ve wanted to be anywhere near him either.
Tristan did redeem himself a bit in this last chapter of their lives.  He proved he could be strong and fight his demons.  He showed he was willing to do anything to prove his love to Danika.
I gave this book 4 stars.
This series was a very difficult one to get through emotionally.  But the way the authors kept you wanting to keep reading is what really got me.  I really hope everyone enjoys this series!

April 23rd – Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank

This book had me feeling many different emotions.  Addison  needed someone strong on her side.  Someone who helped her feel and not pitied her.  She found that in such an unlikely source that most would see as immoral.  But who are we as people to decide truly what is right and wrong?
Grayson was a strong male character that tried so hard to do the right thing.  But again, who is to truly judge what is right and wrong when it comes to matters of the heart?
I really enjoyed this book.  It kept me on the edge of my chair reading.  There was a lot of mystery mixed in with the romance of the story.  You feel many different emotions in this book.  I have to admit a lot of the emotion I felt was anger.  I didn’t like the way people in Addison’s life treated her.  I didn’t like her parents at all, I especially didn’t like the boyfriend Brandon.
This book is not for everyone, I admit that up front.  A lot of people will see an issue in some of the material and the storyline.  I really wish everyone would just give it a chance though.  This is a really great book and the story is amazing!
I am giving this book 4.5 stars and hope that you pick it up and read it yourself!

Well, that’s all the reviews I have for you folks!
I am currently reading Phenomenal X by Michelle Valentine and I can tell you it’s really pretty good so far! I love Michelle’s previous works so I’m sure I will love this as well. 
I will be in Cleveland this weekend at the Cleveland Author Event and hope to be able to post some pretty great photos!

Take care bitches!! Come back next week to see what I’ve read and what I recommend!
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