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Georgette's Reviews....March 30th thru April 15th....

Hello everyone!! G here!

I know it’s been a while since I posted the reviews of the books I’ve read recently, so I’m going to catch you all up here.  Hope you enjoy reading all of my reviews and I spark enough interest for you to read them yourselves.  This a group of some wonderful authors that I truly and dearly LOVE to read! They all mean a lot to me and a few of them have become very dear friends!!
I’m going to go in chronological order so you can read the reviews as I have read the books.  I think it’s only right to do it that way! (Plus I desperately need to update my Goodreads and it’s easier if I have the books in order!)

March 30th – Beauty from Love – Georgia Cates

This was the third installment of the Beauty Series from Georgia Cates.  I really enjoy her writing style and the way she makes you feel the emotions in the books.  Jack Henry and Loraleigh are a wonderful pair and getting this last chapter of their lives was very special! I loved the angst she brought to the characters and the way the storyline panned out.  I truly enjoyed this entire series and really hope you all give it a chance! I gave this book 4 stars and definitely recommend you reading it!

March 31st – Passion and Ponies – Tara Sivec

What can I say?  This is Tara Sivec afterall! Laugh out loud is an understatement when it comes to the things this woman writes!! I loved the dynamic between Ava and Tyler.  I love Tyler’s love from MLP!! That is just hysterical to read about!  We got to see more of Gavin and Charlotte in this book to, and of course that made me happy! The truth coming out in the end really didn’t surprise me, I had kind of figured that out with the last book but it was funny to see the interaction! I definitely recommend this series to anyone who really wants a laugh!  I gave this book 4 stars.

April 1st – Throttle Me – Chelle Bliss

City…City…City…yum! I really, really enjoyed City! Haha! Ok…now back to my review, I’ve drooled enough.
I really enjoyed the story of City and Suzy. City is everything Suzy doesn’t think she wants in life.  The tattooed bad boy biker.  But really, does Suzy really know that’s not what she really wants.  City’s pursuit of Suzy tells her he just won’t give up. Suzy’s the school teacher with very wild fantasies.  Ones that City is more than willing to fulfill.  She doesn’t think he’s what her future holds.  Does she know how wrong she could be? It was great to see Sophia and Kayden in this book!! So much of Sophia around! Will Suzy finally give in and let herself realize that City is what she needs and has been looking for in her life?  Read to find out! I gave this book 4 stars and really enjoyed it.  I hope you will too!

April 2nd – Fury – Clarissa Wild

This book was in the point of view of Hunter.  It was the same story as Fierce but solely in his point of view.  It was written to understand everything that went through Hunters head as he had to deal with the problems he was facing and his attraction to Autumn.  I really enjoyed this story but I don’t think it was really necessary to be written in his point of view.  Yes, it was refreshing to see what he was thinking but I thought that maybe it had taken away a little from the original story from Autumn POV.  I gave this book 3 stars.  I hope the next book in the series will bring my interest back and I will be able to fall in love with the characters all over again.

April 3rd – The Proposition 3 – HM Ward

I swear, HM Ward loves to leave us on edge.  I love Brian Ferro’s story and I really hope she’s not leading us to heart break with him! I think he’s really good for Hallie.  She lost all her confidence and the person she was and Brian is trying to show her who she really is again.  I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series.  As this is a novella, I’m giving this book 3.5 stars and I hope you all will read and enjoy this series!

April 5th – Forever & Always – Jasinda Wilder

This is the first book in the Ever Trilogy by Jasinda Wilder.  And once I started, I could NOT put this series down!
Ever and Cade were destined to be together the moment they first met in camp when they were 15.  They became pen pals and told each other everything that happened in their lives.  Cade’s life was filled with tragedy after tragedy until one day he couldn’t take it anymore and went in search for the woman he loved from letters and found a new home and meaning in life.  That is, until one day tragedy strikes again…
Wow…this book was heart full of emotion! I don’t even know how to explain to you the deep sorrow that I felt for Cade throughout this book! How he was able to pull to his strength and keep going was unreal! I really loved this book…and the end, OMG!!! I gave this book 5 stars and highly highly recommend this book to the readers!

April 7th – After Forever – Jasinda Wilder

This book starts where the last book left off.  I have to be really careful how I write my review here as I don’t want to spoil what happens in book 1.  I really am torn on this book.  As much as I love Cade and Ever, my heart kind of bled for Ever’s twin Eden.  She was so beat down but yet found comfort where she really shouldn’t have gone.  I wasn’t so sure how to feel with everything that transpired throughout this book…but of course I couldn’t put it down because I just had to find out what was going to happen! I’m giving this book 3.5 stars because it did keep me interested and going. 

April 9th – Saving Forever – Jasinda Wilder

This was the last book in the series and it was a good one.  We got more characters in this book and it was great to see Eden working through her problems.  I loved Carter!!! He was an amazing character that really truly put Eden 1st.  We got both Ever and Eden’s stories in these books as well as Cade and Carters.  It was great to see Ever and Cade work through their issues and problems.  As well as it was great to see Eden open up to Carter about things that happened in her life.  In the end, we don’t only get one HEA, but we get two of them and for that I will give this book 4 stars! I’m so glad we got what we were looking and waiting for in this last book of the series.

April 11th – Perfectly Damaged – EL Montes

Review to come! But be prepared for a wonderful emotional book!!

April 13th – Bo & Ember – Andrea Randall
The final chapter of Bo & Ember was truly a soul searching, come to life, learn to live one.
Thank you Andrea Randall for allowing us the final chapter in their lives!
Bo & Ember finally have everything they’ve ever dreamed of coming to fruition.  But the one thing they didn’t know they wanted is torn away from them.  Healing together becomes an obstacle that they don’t know if they can get through together.  They both shut each other out without realizing it.  Learning to love and trust each other again is an easy battle for these two as they realize their lives are nothing without each other.
I loved this final journey and I hope all of you will too! I gave this book 4.5 stars!

April 14th – Finding My Way – Heidi McLaughlin
5 Stars just isn’t enough!!
Going back to the beginning of Liam and Josie’s relationship was a stroke of genius on the part of Heidi McLaughlin.
Showing us the trials and tribulations that Liam went through to make one of the hardest decisions of his life was heart breaking.  You learn to understand that Liam did not make his choices without severe conscious thought behind them.  He tried really hard to be the person everyone thought he was and not the person he wanted to be.
You can feel Liam’s loneliness although he is surrounded by great friends and the love of his life.  All everyone thought of Liam was football and nothing more than the man he truly wanted to be.
To see the character of Mason come alive was so beautiful and gutting at the same time! I loved the dynamic the two of them shared.  It tells the story on why Liam had to come back to Beaumont when he did.
I didn’t think I could dislike Liam’s parents any more than I originally had, but dislike is a nice word once you really got a glimpse into his childhood!
Grandma Betty was a refreshing addition to this cast of characters! I loved the way she guided Liam to follow his TRUE dream and not what others wanted for him.  Her unconditional love and support was amazing.  I loved that she was responsible in bringing Harrison into Liam’s life.
I loved young Harrison! Still the same quiet guy with an easy rapport to him!  Liam was so conscious and loyal to his friend, there was no way he’d leave him behind!
Yes, Liam made mistakes.  But what you learn in life is that the mistakes of your past build you into the best person you can be in your future.  Everyone needs to make mistakes and learn from them.  It’s called life! 
Thank you again Heidi for bringing us such an amazing prequel!! I look forward to so much more of your writing!

April 15th – Crush – Lacey Weatherford
I waited a long time to read this! When at first I was ready to read, I had heard there was another book coming out…so I waited and waited…it wasn’t easy for me as I love Lacey Weatherford!!
Hunter and Cami…yum! I love the chemistry these two share.  Hunter threw me off for a little while in this book but I had suspicions on who he really was right from the beginning.  I love the way he and Cami interact, it’s so sweet and funny! Clay really threw me for a loop in the beginning but as the story wore on, I had a huge belief in what was revealed to be the truth.  I really enjoyed the character of Russ and was so glad that all went well for him.  Hunter’s dedication to Cami was the sweetest thing.  He never wanted to cross the line but his love for her was inevitable.  I gave this book 4 stars and am currently reading the second book in this series, Smitten.  I can’t wait to review this one!

Well, folks, that’s all for now! I really hope you enjoyed my reviews today and promise I will not fall this far behind again! (Well, I really hope I won’t!)
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