Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bo & Ember by Andrea Randall Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway!

Bo and Ember by Andrea Randall
Book #4 in The November Blue Series
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And they lived happily ever after …

That’s where the typical romance ends. For Bo and Ember Cavanaugh, however, the “I do’s” are just the beginning.

On the heels of a wildly successful tour with The Six, Bo and Ember are offered the musical opportunity of a lifetime. A cross-country move back to the Cavanaugh estate holds promises, old friends, and feelings they thought were long since buried. 

In the middle of the whirlwind that is their professional life, Bo and Ember try to establish a solid and loving home. Life, though, doesn’t stay in the promises of “happily ever after.” 

In the final installment of the November Blue series, excitement, temptation, loss, and the struggle over what love means forces the couple to strip it all away and focus on what it means to be soul mates, what it means to be married, and what it means to be … 

Bo & Ember.

Andrea is a 2005 graduate of Cornell University and does not currently use her degree in Development Sociology. She does, however, use her people skills and love for writing every day. She and her partner, Charles Sheehan-Miles, live and write together in Massachusetts.

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Review by Georgette:
The final chapter of Bo & Ember was truly a soul searching, come to life, learn to live one. 
Thank you Andrea Randall for allowing us the final chapter in their lives!
Bo & Ember finally have everything they’ve ever dreamed of coming to fruition.  But the one thing they didn’t know they wanted is torn away from them.  Healing together becomes an obstacle that they don’t know if they can get through together.  They both shut each other out without realizing it.  Learning to love and trust each other again is an easy battle for these two as they realize their lives are nothing without each other.

I loved this final journey and I hope all of you will too! I gave this book 4.5 stars! 

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