Monday, September 16, 2013

Everything I’ve Never Had by Lynetta Halat

Celeste Hebert has
always appeared to have it all, but there are many things she's never had, been
forbidden from having.
One night. One song. One kiss. The perfect
trifecta to unleash the floodgates of a forbidden attraction between the widow
and her husband’s bad boy cousin, Adrian.
Celeste endeavors to rebury the feelings that
surface after this one night since her powerful family despises him. Kindred
spirits, best of friends they attempt to douse their attraction; however,
too much to resist.
Adrian always seems to know exactly how to push her buttons and may prove
Having defied his family by making his way on his
own terms, Adrian struggles to regain their acceptance. When he meets his
cousin’s wife and wants her for his own, he feels he’s finally lived down to
the title—black sheep. But, when his cousin dies unexpectedly, Adrian fights
his attraction and swears to honor them both by helping her raise her boys
Finding himself enveloped in a cocoon of love and
acceptance, Adrian knows it’s more than just physical attraction. However,
unforeseen events threaten to destroy those he now holds dear and his newfound
Will the ties that bind them be their undoing?

Excerpt — Everything I’ve Never Had by Lynetta Halat—Sept. 2013
I consider exactly how truthful I should be with him. He was so truthful with me. I owe him that much, don't I? "Adrian, I don't need time apart. You're my friend and you're amazing with the boys. They love you. I would never deny them your presence. I just...I just need us to get back to normal as quickly as possible. I...I am attracted to you. I have been for a while. But that's all it is—a physical attraction." On these words, I see his eyes narrow ever so slightly. I turn my head quickly and vow, "I promise to control myself, though." I allow my eyes to find his again. "I don't want to lose you either."
He studies me for a minute. Just as I find myself about to squirm
under his intense gaze, he releases me. "OK, Celeste, that settles that.
Back to normal. We'll both behave. This physical thing between us will pass. No
harm, no foul. Right?"
"Right," I
say on a smile.
Standing up, he turns to go back to his mowing; but then he
spins around and comes back to tower over me. My head flies up, my gaze
searching. I
open my mouth to ask him what's wrong, but he beats me once again.
"Celeste, just so you know," he says as he tilts my
chin back further and runs his calloused fingertips up my cheek to tuck a
strand of errant hair behind my ear. His hand curls itself along my jaw.
I'll never forget it.
"That kiss...that kiss was exceptional, and I'll never forget it. As I stand here and as long as I live, it was the best I've ever had, the best I could ever have."
Since my heart has
lodged itself firmly in my throat, he's gone before I can speak or even form a
coherent thought for that matter. Slowly, I shake my head at his retreating
back. We'll never
get back to normal if he keeps touching me and talking to me like that.

Review of Everything I’ve Never Had by Lynetta Halat

Celeste Hebert has lost her husband and is raising her boys alone.  Well, not completely alone.  She has the help of her husband’s cousin, the sexy as sin Adrian Hebert.  Adrian and Celeste both know they have a very heavy connection to one another but their families will object to anything happening.  The family is adamant about Celeste moving on and finding another husband for her.  They want her to marry her husband’s sick brother but after what William has done to Celeste, there is no way that will be happening. 
Adrian doesn’t believe he is perfect for her but she knows he is. 
What happens when Adrian is called off of active reserve to serve his country?  Will Adrian ever be the same again?
Hearts break, love is learned and families are corrupt in this tale of a mafia love. 
I gave this book 4.25 stars…I really enjoyed it! I loved Adrian and his willingness to stand by Celeste and take on the role of a father without thought.  I love Celeste's ability to stand up to her family and do as she sees right and not what everyone else expects of her!

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