Monday, August 19, 2013

This Monday brings you a Joint Review!

Hey all, G & C here and we are both excited to share our first ever joint review! We recently recieved an ARC from a new author asking if we'd read and review her debut book and of course we could not turn her down. Here's a little tidbit....

Review of Crossing Paths by Melanie Stinnett

Crossing Paths

A business trip on the fly leads to an unexpected interest. Unknown family members are interspersed within eachother's lives. Risks are taken, truths are withheld and lies are told all while paths are crossed. 4 people, one story....

June is a young woman thrown into her first business trip to NYC. On the plane she sees this very handsome stranger but has very little interaction with him aside from a  clumsy moment of mistakenly throwing her magazine at him. She feels an instant connection to him and unbeknownst to her, he feels that same connection.

Cohen, also on a business trip runs into a beautiful woman who he just can't manage to stay away from. From accidentally being assulted and run into by her, he finds his smile and hopes that maybe his life is finally looking up regardless of the tragedy and pain he has faced and is facing.

Caroline is June's beautiful, carefree and loving best friend. She is loved by June's family as well as her own including brother CJ. CJ is dealing with so much pain and guilt and she aches for him.. but she finds out he has a secret that she decides to keep that will affect all of them. Caroline has never had long relationships and has never been one to settle down until one day...........

Liam is June's brother. Hot, player extraordinaire...or at least he was known for that until the day he couldn't take his eyes off the beauty that has walked into his world.

This book was a refreshing read for both of us. We agreed on so many things about it. The first being that it was written in 4 different POV's which is unique to a lot of books. We got a glimpse into the minds of the 4 main characters and in doing so, we connected with some of them on a more personal and emotional level. Especially Cohen. His story was completely engaging and heartbreaking for us to read. He was a wonderful character. (we wouldn't mind a continuation of his story, hint

We also agreed that the strong inclusion of family and friends added to how heartwarming the story is. It is one of those feel good books that grabs you like a hug from a friend. Although it wasn't a fast paced book at times, you definitely will not want to put it down because you will need to find out how it all plays out. The ending wraps it all up beautifully.

G and I rate this book 3.5 stars. We really liked it and definitely recommend it and will be promoting this book during it's release at the end of this month. Be on the lookout and....Add it to your TBR!!

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