Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hey all,  'C' here checking in on this gorgeous Saturday. I mean a Saturday off is a beautiful day of the week anyway, right? TGIS! .... So here's what's happening:

My lovely other half of this blog  'G' is currently attending The Stamford Author event! I hope she is mingling with all of the authors, getting some good swag and taking a few pics. I'm looking forward to her updates!

Is anyone else as obsessed with this series as I am? I mean I am seriously cutting off the outside world when I read this book! My hubby has been forewarned that  I will not be mentally 
If you haven't heard of or read this series, The Keatyn Chronicles, you are missing out. You need to get these books now!! While the story revolves around characters that are in high school, it is filled with mystery, romance, hot boys, popular girls who love fashion, humor and the writing is just witty and fun! You literally wont want to put any of these books down, trust me. Review to come soon for Love Me.

I have also read two books within the last few days I'd like to tell you about. the first one was Wicked Beat by Olivia Cunning

This is book 5 in The Sinners On Tour Series. The Sinners are a famous rock group and each band member has their own story. This story is about Eric, their drummer. I'd first like to say that I am a fan of author Olivia Cunning and a fan of the first three books in this series. That being said, I really had a tough time getting into this book. A solid story with some sex is what I look for and this was mostly sex with very little story. I skimmed so much of it, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish it, but I did eventually and was just disappointed. 2.5 star rating. You all may love this book so give it a chance. It just did not work for me. 

The second book I read was Double Time by Olivia Cunning 

Double Time is book 6 and the finale of The Sinners on Tour  Series. Unfortuantely it was published out of order prior to book 5, but I held on to my willpower and waited to read them in order. This was Trey's story and it is definitely different being that there is M/M, M/F/M subject matter. While there is more of a story here than in Wicked Beat, I felt that the raunchiness of the sex overshadowed it and being the last book in this series, it was an overall letdown. 3 stars. Again, give it a chance..this is just my personal opinion.

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