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Georgette's Weekly Reads 08/07 to 08/21

Hi Everyone!! How how was everyone's week in reading?  Mine, was phenomenal!! You want to know why, I'll tell you...I was at home on a STAYCATION!!! Which means I got a ton of reading done! How much you ask?  14 books!! How you like that?? I read 4 books on Saturday the 17th alone!!  My family and friends mostly just let me have my me time...I know, you're jealous...don't you wish you were like me?? HAHA!!

Well, first things first. Please check out our new tab for the Richmond, VA Author Signing Event.  This is one I am so freaking excited to be attending!! I get to me some of my favorites like Jennifer Armentrout, Jenn Foor, and M. Leighton! And I also get to stalk those I already have met on either one or more occassions like Andrea Randall, EL Montes, Michelle Valentine and of course none other than Raine Miller and Tara Sivec! If you are interested in attending, there is a link to the event registration on the Richmond Author Event Tab.

Now, let's get down to my week in reading...there are two books I won't review in this post as I have reviewed them after I read them.

Aug 7th -
Here Without You - Between the Lines #4 - Tammara Webber

This is book 4 in this series, a continuation of Reid and Dori's relationship.  This book is more around the child Reid and Brooke had together.  I truly think Brooke has finally been redeemed in this book and I so wish she would have had an HEA.  I still CANNOT stand Dori!! I think she is selfish, controlling and conniving!! I didn't like her when we met her in #3 and I definitely like her even less (if that's possible) in this book! I so wish Reid would've woken up and realized that really, SHE IS NOT WORTH IT!!  I rated this book 3.25 stars...I really love Reid but he is so stuck on stupid! 

Aug 8th -
Unexpected Angel - Isthmus Alliance #1 - Sloan Johnson

I received this book as a gift and let me tell you, I really really enjoyed it! I need to find me a Dylan Caprese!! He is sex personified! The only thing lacking in this book was MORE SEX! I needed more hot scenes with Dylan.  I did enjoy this book a lot! I rated it 4.25 stars and do recommend you read this.

Aug 10th -
My Unexpected Forever - Beaumont #2 - Heidi McLaughlin
My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont, #2)
I can't post the links to this book yet, as it has not been published.  I received this book early and LOVED IT!!!! OMG Harrison!! OK, I know I said I wasn't going to review it again but damn it was good! I do recommend this series if you haven't read it yet.  I gave this book 5 wonderful stars!! 

Aug 11th - 
If You Leave - Beautifully Broken #2 - Courtney Cole

OMG!! Gabe!! WOW! An ex-Marine who can't control his PTSD...or didn't want to until he met Madison.  This is an amazing story.  I know some may night like it because there are some abuse like issues but it really is a good book.  I gave this book 4.25 stars and in my opinion really should be read.  It will give you a better look at what some of our servicemen do suffer from when they come back from war.  It's just whether than can get the help they need to get thru.

Aug 12th - 
Taking Shots - Assassins #1 - Toni Aleo

This series came highly recommended by another author.  I decided to go ahead and give in and read it.  Now I ask myself, WHY THE HELL didn't I read this sooner???  Holy mother of hot!!! Shea Adler is someone I'd like to meet that's for sure!! I love the way he took care of Ellie and made her believe not everyone was like her abusive ex.  There are a lot of people who don't believe they can get away from abuse but trust me, you sure as hell can!! Shea is such an amazing character, no matter what he never gives up on Ellie! I rated this book 4.75 stars.  It is definitely a must read!

Aug 13th - 
Crossing Paths - Melanie Stinnet
Crossing Paths

Cristin and I received an ARC for a honest review.  I enjoyed this book as it was different with 4 POV's.  Please check out Cristin and mines joint review posted on Monday Aug 19t.

Aug 14th -
Truth - Finding Anna #3 - Sherri Hayes

I felt like I waited forever for this book.  Book 3 left us with such a huge cliffhanger with Brianna's father showing up at the penthouse.  I was so happy we got to see what happened there.  I really do enjoy this series.  Stephan is a great Alpha Male with such an understanding of Anna.  I love the roles that Lily and Logan also play in this series.  I rated this book 4.25 stars.  I can't wait for the next book which is to be the last in this series to wrap up the story!

Aug 15th -
Keeping Her - Losing It #1.5 - Cora Cormack

This was a continuation of Garrick and Bliss's relationship from book 1 in the series, Losing It.  I enjoyed this novella and it gave us a bit more closure to Garrick and Bliss.  I now have to go buy some Hershey's Bliss candies! HAHA!! I rated this a 3 as it is a novella.

Aug 17th - (busy day for reading!)
The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden - The Coincidence #1 - Jessica Sorensen
Wow! What a story! Kayden, football player, destroyed by years of physical and mental abuse from the hands of his father and Callie, closed off from suffering from rape as a child.  When two hearts are meant to be together, this is what it is like.  This story touches so many emotions.  I am so glad I waited to read this until after the second book came out because now I see what had so many people sitting on edge and yelling and screaming at the end of this book.  Wow! I gave this book 4.5 stars, it was just that good! Don't read this book if you don't have the second one handy!  And get yourself a whole lot of tissues!!

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden - The Coincidence #2 - Jessica Sorensen
As I said previously, I'm glad I waited for this book! I love how far Callie and Kayden came but disliked how far they went apart.  Kayden didn't believe Callie needed to be with him but in the end, true love prevailed.  I didn't rate this second installment as high as the second because there were too many things left unanswered and unsaid.  Thankfully, the author has now decided to give us another book to give us closure.  I gave this book 4.0 stars as I really needed more in the ending.

Lexi, Baby - This Can't Be Happening #1 - Lynda LeeAnne
This is another book I waited to read, although I really didn't have to.  Lexi and Landyn are one hot couple here! Although they were torn apart for 6 years, they came back together.  There journey wasn't easy but it was a good one.  I gave this book 4 stars.  I do recommend this book.

Trish, Just Trish - This Can't Be Happening #2 - Lynda LeeAnne
Alpha male bordering on abusive...that's my take on Tony in this book.  I wasn't as crazy about this book as I was the first one.  I did enjoy some/most of the story but Tony was a little too much.  If I were Trish, I would've run to the farthest end of the Earth and stayed the hell away from him.  He did/does not deserve her love.  I gave this book 3.5 stars because I really did enjoy the character of Trish and the overall storyline.  I just wish I would've even really liked Tony.

Aug 18th -
Collide - Collide #1 - Gail McHugh
Another book I waited to read! And I'm so glad I did.  Gavin Blake is one hot, bottle cap giving, wiseass, schmexy man! Emily annoyed the shit out of me with being so damn naive! I knew Dillon was a piece of shit from the very beginning! What the hell was wrong with her?  My heart was true to Gavin in this entire book.  I rated this book a 4.25, again because Emily was so freaking stupid!!

Aug 20th -
Pulse - Collide #2 - Gail McHugh

OK, this book pissed me off so many times! But I was so glad when it was over and Gavin and Emily got their HEA and Dillon got to eat shit!  There is one chapter in this book that had me crying like a damn baby! And damn you Gail McHugh for doing that to me!!! UGH!! I gave this book 4 stars.  I do recommend this series.

Well, I'm finally done here! Whew!! That was a lot to write about! Well, I'm off to finish reading Adam, Enough Said book 3 in the This Is Happening Series I posted above.  Then I'm on to Losing Him, The Mitchell Series Book 8 by Jenn Foor.

Happy Reading Everyone!
I'm out Bitches~~~~G

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