Monday, August 12, 2013

Cristin's Post & Reviews. Monday Aug 12

So did you all survive Monday? I myself had today off so I did some reading and relaxing..I could really get used to this *sigh* But then there's that whole bill paying thing and since I don't get paid to read..back to the real world soon. Before that however, I am excited to tell you about the two books I read.....

Love Me by Jillian Dodd

Well it leaves off right where book 3 ends which is nice...Keatyn is still confused about whether or not she wants to get back together with Dawson or try dating Aiden..actually Keatyn is just plain confused. Dawson decides he's going to fight for Keatyn while Aiden continues to woo her and kiss her like she never has been kissed. She likes the wooing (what she recognizes of it), but she can't resist Dawson's advances. And Brooklyn makes an appearance to add to the mix... On top of her love life crisis, she now has a hot bodyguard/ soccer coach named Cooper who helps her with self defense and visiting her family as Vincent is still actively searching for her.

 I love Jillian Dodd's writing. It is witty, gripping and fun to the point where you don't want to put her books down, which is how I felt with the first 3 books. This one was a little slow for me. The writing was there, but the story frustrated me to no end. Well Keatyn frustrated me to no end. I really felt like Dawson was "douched up" and Keatyn was "dumb downed"  and Brooklyn was just thrown back in there. It was clear what Dawson's intentions were and they were not swoonworthy. Aiden however was a complete gentleman and really was trying to do the right thing because her genuinely wants Keatyn for the long haul. It is just too bad that Keatyn wasn't thinking with her head. She missed a lot of the wooing signals and she reallly was bratty and selfish toward Aiden and in  my opinion treated him like crap. I understand that she needs to love herself first, but in this book she went backward. I think she had a melt down from all the stress and pressure and lack of control she has in her life..and..She hurt my Aiden who did nothing wrong...and for all of this I rate this book a 3.5.

 I also read Into The Deep by Samantha Young, another one of my favorite authors. It was released early and that was music to my ears.

This is a story about Charly and her first love Jacob, well actually she is his first love as well. They meet in high school and are inseparable. They recognize at a young age that they have something rare and special and promise to never let it go...that is until tragedy strikes at a party one night and from there they will never be the same. Jake doesn't handle it well and Charly is left devastated and heartbroken....years later while in College in Edinburgh, Scotland Charly is trying to live her life and experience the world when her world is turned upside down as Jake comes crashing back into it....but it isn't an easy reunion for either of them. They both still realize they love eachother, but there are painful obstacles that may not allow them to be together.

 I absolutely loved this book! In one way it was an easy read, but in another it was angsty and emotional but in a good way, a pull you in, I can't put the book down way. I was drawn in to all the characters. Charly and Jake have a great group of friends and they dynamic between them all was fun and heartwarming. There is a sequel in the works and I absolutely cannot wait for it b/c there is so much left to Charly and Jake....they haven't begun to work out their problems yet and I look forward to seeing how this all plays out. Thank you Sam Young for another book I loved. 4.5 Stars

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