Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feature about Melissa L. Delgado, new author of Ending a Broken Journey

Hey everyone, Cristin here. GGW was kind enough to let me stop by and share some exciting news with you from the book world. My friend and author Melissa L. Delgado has written her first book titled Ending a Broken Journey and I'm over the moon excited for her. EEEK! We have another fabulous Indie author to fangirl over. Ok first things first though, let me tell you a little about this amazing woman......

Melissa and I met about a year ago online in a book group and I knew I liked her right off the bat. She is that rare, genuine, positive person that you want in your life forever. She posts motivating, uplifting quotes and sayings daily on her author page that just brighten your day. What I also started to notice aside from her positive attitude & love of books, is her love of writing. Being on Goodreads, I would casually read a review here and there until I  stumbled upon Melissa's reviews. This was my first look  into her talent and I instantly became hooked on those reviews. But then came the poetry. This girl can write poetry and she inpsires me. She has even performed at a poetry Slam. And  now she has written her first book and I am just blown away. 

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