Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cristin's review of Ending a Broken Journey set to go live on Aug 3, 2013

Mackenzie's journey starts out as a broken girl with little to no self esteem, just existing in the world and holding all of her pain inside. Her emotional walls are concrete and although she is surrounded by family and friends, she just can't seem to break free from the hold her past has on her...That is until one friend and one boy crush (who happen to be brothers) from her childhood, come back into her life. Drew and Jax Dean are back to stay and Drew who never forgot Mackenzie, makes it his mission to help get back the vibrant, happy "Kennie" he used to know. Drew is about to change Kennie's life.

There are so many things I love about this book starting with the characters. Mackenzie..even though she is damaged, you love her and cheer her on. Drew is 'THE guy'..gorgeous and swoonworthy. Ladies get your fans ready because he is going to make you melt! Jax is Drew's younger brother and I just love him. He is 'THAT guy'' that everyone wants to be around. The life of the party so to speak. He is Hot and Hilarious. Kip is the handsome, protective older brother to Mackenzie...And then we have the fiesty and fun best girlfriends Ade and Cass. The conversations between this group of  friends is off the charts entertaining. so enjoyable! It was also very refreshing to read a book that included strong family values. I appreciated that. It was as if the author weaved her personal love and importance of family and friends and writing into this story.

We also get alternating POV's. Who doesn't love that?! We really get into Drew and Kennie's mind. We also get glimpses into the past which adds to the buildup and depth of the story. Another treat? Poetry...yes, you heard right. The author incorporates original, amazing poetry into the story and you will be inspired!

Overall this book has everything one can want from a story....You will experience every emotion fom laughing to crying to swooning. The story is meaningful and moving and I highly recommend it. Great read and I can't wait to see what is next from Melissa L. Delgado.

4.25 amazing, romantic stars. Take the journey, it is well worth it.

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