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meet-me-halfway-bt-ban Today is our stop for the blog tour of Meet Me Halfway by Kim Carmody! Check out the fantastic new romance, and grab your copy today! dfw-km-mmh-cover-small About Meet Me Halfway: An ambitious journalist on a fast track to success. A round one draft pick determined to keep his personal life his own. And a documentary that proves sometimes opposites really do attract. Olivia Callahan is a woman on a mission. When she lands a career defining opportunity in the male-dominated world of sports journalism, she knows it’s make or break time. Olivia’s boss has given her the green light to produce her very own documentary, and she’s not going to let anything get in the way of perfection. After a few setbacks in college, Nate Sullivan is finally on his way to the big leagues as the newest recruit for the New York Warriors. Determined to put his somewhat colorful past behind him, Nate’s all about the straight and narrow as he sets out to prove he’s worthy of the first round draft pick that’s caused so much debate from fans and media. The last thing Nate wants is to delve into stories from his past. But when his new team directs him to set the record straight, he has no choice but to cooperate with the feisty, determined reporter who shows up on campus. Olivia is thrilled that Nate Sullivan is her man. His colorful background is just the thing to take her story from memorable to award winning. What neither of them expected is their attraction to one another, yet try as they might, determination gives way to temptation eventually. As Nate battles to protect his privacy and Olivia fights to produce the story of her career, they must decide what they’re willing to give up in order to gain each other.

Get Your Copy Today: Amazon: Barnes and Noble: Lexington and 42nd – Book one in the Off Field series. Amazon buy link: quote-4 EXCERPT:
As soon as he turned to go, I covered my face with my hands and groaned. “Please don’t listen to anything that fool says.”

Nate chuckled, peeling my hands away. “I’m starting to realize how momentous our hook-up actually is.”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s not that bad. Justin’s being dramatic.”

“Really?” He stood, pulling his stool closer to mine so our bodies touched when he sat back down. “Cause it looked like you were having some trouble back there with the suit question.”

“Wellll, yeah, I guess I do go for suits. But by the time you cut out everyone I know in the media and sport industries, the men I tend to meet are suits.” I waved a hand in the general direction of the crowd. “Look around. I guarantee you most of the men in this bar are lawyers or bankers. Practically everyone in this town falls into those two categories.”

“And you really don’t hook up with anyone in our industry?”

“No. I really don’t.”

Nate’s eyes dropped to my lips before his gaze met mine again. “Except me.”

I sighed. “Except you.”

“Was he telling the truth?” Nate looked down into his empty glass. “About the guys all propositioning you?”


Nate gave me a pointed stare.

“I’m serious. He was exaggerating.”

“But some have.”

“Yes. Some.”



His hand rubbed my thigh under the table as he leaned closer. “Massage my ego for a second, princess. Who’ve you turned down?”

“And here I thought you didn’t have an ego.”

“I don’t with most things.” He shook my leg gently. “Tell me.”

I sighed and listed a few names I could think of from the various sporting events I had covered.

“As in NBA Carter? Really?”


Nate inclined his head, nodding. “Impressive.”

I laughed despite myself. “My girlfriends thought so.”

“What about Jensen?”

“No! God, why does everyone always think that?”

Nate shrugged. “You did go to college together.”

“Yeah, where I was a thorn in his side the whole time.”


I rolled my eyes. “Of course, Buck. He’s the ultimate player.”

“I know, I’ve seen him in action. Guy could probably charm a nun into bed if he wanted to.”

I nodded in agreement. “He definitely has a way with women.”

He frowned. “But not you.”

“No, not me.”

“I’m the only one.” He seemed to grow bigger right there in front of my eyes, his caveman instincts coming out to play.

“You’re the only one,” I said quietly.

Nodding once, he inhaled, squeezing my thigh. We stared at each other in silence, and the realization of how this all must seem to Nate dawned on me as I watched the sense of triumph cross over his features. How was it that I’d worked in this industry for nearly six years, been propositioned by numerous sporting superstars, men who spent hours honing their bodies to athletic perfection, regularly hit various hottest-man-on-earth lists, were actually an appropriate age for me, and yet all it took was a few lingering looks and flirtatious conversations with a college draft pick and all my resolve fell away?

My admission felt momentous because it was, and we both knew it.

“Can I get you any more drinks?”

We pulled away from one another at the waitress’s interruption.

I swallowed. “I’ll have an Espresso Martini please.”

“Sure. And for you sir?”

Nate didn’t take his eyes off me. “Just a beer, thanks.”

“No problem.” She cleared our champagne glasses and walked away.


Nate smiled, his eyes narrowing as he studied me.

“Oh my God, would you stop looking at me like that? This isn’t a big deal, you know.”

He said nothing, only wrapped his giant hand around my leg, massaging it gently.

“I can see your head growing…it’s getting bigger by the second. Don’t look so proud of yourself.”

“Can’t help it.”

I rolled my eyes. “Seriously, now you’re just plain sad. Quit it with the caveman act.”

Although to be honest, Nate did caveman exceptionally well.

He leaned in close, until our faces were only inches from one another. “Liv?”


“The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met just revealed she categorically doesn’t date athletes, younger men, or non-suits…and yet here she is with me. Give me a break. I’m allowed to gloat a little.”

I swallowed. “I’m the most beautiful woman you’ve ever met?”

“Hands down.”



quote-3 About Kim Carmody: Kim Carmody lives in Australia with her husband, in a sunny little part of Melbourne that she never wants to leave. Except for frequent trips to New York, she is happy to leave at least once a year for those. She holds a Masters in Commerce Marketing and while she spent her younger years training to become a professional dancer, she somehow ended up working in the sports industry, where she met her now husband. Never a participant or spectator of sport growing up (she was too busy flitting around in a tutu), she has grown to appreciate, if not love many sports and eventually found herself writing about them too. As an avid book lover from the moment she was introduced to The Babysitters Club as a seven year-old, Kim never expected to be able to call herself an author, but is beyond excited that she now can. Meet Me Halfway is her second novel. quote-1-2   Connect With Kim: Website: Facebook: Goodreads: Instagram: @kimmycarmody Email: Newsletter link:   quote-2 Enter Kim’s Giveaway:   a Rafflecopter giveaway
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