Monday, May 9, 2016

Just One Touch: A Black Alcove Novel (The Black Alcove #3) by Jami Wagner
Released April 26th

Secrets … they’re risky business. 
Conner Brian was kept in the dark about being a father, so he isn’t a fan of people who aren't truthful. Now, with a four-year-old son, he’s adjusting to life as a dad. He’s getting along with his son’s mother, working at the Black Alcove bar, and he’s ready for classes in the fall. Life is good.
Alexis Parker has finally taken a leap of faith to meet her brother. Only he doesn’t know it. Terrified of rejection but determined to reunite with the only family she has left, she keeps the reason behind her move to Wind Valley to herself. She isn’t going to allow her past to steal her happiness any longer.
When Alexis moves into the apartment across from Conner, they both soon realize how pieces of their own lives affect the other. But even though their connection feels real, some things are better left unshared.
Her secret could break a promise he’s made to a friend and his secret could break her. If Conner and Alexis can’t trust in each other, they’ll be hurting more than just themselves.
A fun New Adult romance, Just One Touch fills your heart with love and tests the power of trust.
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“So back to this girl,” Logan brings Alex up once again.
            I can’t help but smile. It’s dead giveaway that I’m into her.
            “I invited her today, but she said she had plans.”
            “I was just at the gym. She wasn’t there,” Beth says, sitting next to Sara.
            “She didn’t say what time she had to work,” I reply.
            “Then what is she doing? She doesn’t know very many people in this town. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone she knows is sitting right here.”
            “I don’t know.”
            “You should ask these things,” Beth says and then starts to text away on her phone like she always does.
            “Anyway,” Logan says with annoyance. He has this thing about cell phones making people unsocial. “Is she hot? I hear Ethan almost caught you two kissing. I got to say man, it’s nice to hear you’re into someone again. I didn’t want to admit it for fear that was what you wanted, but I don’t think Heather is the right woman for you.”
            “Yeah, me neither. I still haven’t figured out how to tell her either. And yes, of course Alex is hot. But the best part about her is her—”
            “You know what, let’s not talk about Alex. I remember how defensive you got over her when we went boating the other week,” my sister interrupts.
            “Yeah, because you were asking her personal questions. Shit, I’m into the girl and I haven’t even asked her things like that.”
            “One, maybe you should. Two, watch your language around the kids. And three, can I have a word with you in private?”
            My sister gives me that same glare she used in high school when I would do something to embarrass her and her friends. The “I mean business if you don’t do what I say” look. Clara better watch out. Kelsey has only perfected the look over the years.
            I follow Kelsey into the house and into one of the bedrooms. She closes the door and immediately starts in on me.
Jami Wagner Bio:
JAMI WAGNER was born in Wyoming. Still living in the Cowboy State, Jami and her boyfriend are currently writing their own love story with their yellow lab.
Jami enjoys writing New Adult and published her debut novella Date in the Dark in 2015. The first book in her Black Alcove series, Just One Kiss, released in October 2015.
Visit and connect with Jami at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at @Jami_Wagner, or on Instagram at @JAMIWAGNER_.
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