Sunday, May 8, 2016

              BOOK REVIEW TIME                 

Tammy aka T here do give you my review of a 4 book series that I’ve read. This series must be read in order. Plus to get y’all started book 1 is currently FREE on Amazon.


Emersyn Vallis takes us on a mystery ride that will have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who did it & what was the reason. Let me just say when it all unfolds you will be sitting there still saying WTF!!!!

The Fate Series, Adjournment, Hanging Pawns, Sacrifice & End Game takes us into the life of a woman named Sidney aka Pet that is a daughter, a sister, a friend, a make-up magician and a chick not to mess with. Plus she is also the desire of a man that knew what he wanted and knew that in time you must wait to make the perfect move to grab the queen. Just remember thou no matter what…..EVERYTHING COMES AT A PRICE, FOR MONEY ALWAYS TALKS…


Adjournment (The Fate Series #1) – FREE

Sidney Chandler was once part of the rich crowd. Living the glam life. Going an having the parties that everyone attended. Her twin sister Morgan & Molly where always right by her side protecting her where they themselves saw fit along with THE McAllister triplets’ right by their side.

There is an accident that occurs which turns things a complete 180 for Sidney. What was once a so-called planned out life now has her separated from her family. A family that will do anything in their power to save her an bring THEIR Sidney back to life.

As moves are made on this board game of life one must strategize the next move in order to either stay in their happy bubble or move forward yet in reality move backwards in order to find out the truth about that day that changed her life forever.

Hanging Pawns (The Fate Series #2) –

Here we have Mea & Josh’s story that intertwine with Sidney’s life story. This was a love story that was bound to happen no matter how hard Mea tried to make it stop.

We learn about Mea and her past that she wants to so forget about. She herself just like Sidney grew up in the rich life. Yet it was different for her because her mother is basically the wickedest mother there is. Sadly her father could not protect her. As time elapses things soon change and the true Mea comes to the forefront.

When she meets Josh sparks fly. As she tries to get away from him, he is just a step behind ready to be her knight in shining armor. As she meets her two new roommates Molly & Morgan along with her next door neighbors The McAllister triplets she realizes this is going to be one college year she is never going to forget.

But as the past comes crawling back into her life that she has made so perfect for herself her knight is still there protecting her every step of the way.


Sacrifice (The Fate Series #3)-

Back to where Sidney is trying to play her next strategized moved she is met with not one but two people that are out to get her. But you see her knight, her love can not help her this time. Sidney is backed into a corner, dragged along a wall, she is on her to fight this battle that needs to be won by her and her alone.

The fight to stay alive rings true when she is asked to pick who she wants to live. The man that she loves who does not know that she loves him or herself. If the wrong answer is given somebody still dies… but can she get away in time before all hell breaks loose?

FYI….that cliffhanger is a killer


The End Game (The Fate Series #4)-

First and foremost thankful that I was able to read this series one right after the other because that cliffhanger in 3 was killer.

Moves are being made and pawns are being taken out. The knights (McAllister) are still standing along with the bishops (Twin sisters) by their side. Rooks (Josh & Mea) are still around and one in particular is playing harder than she ever has before.  Battle ground is set. Everyone is stationed in their spots. The queen has spoken. It’s time to move.

As stated before who do you save? But the evil witch has cheated by bringing in additional players. Who is going to be saved this time? The woman that gave you life or the man that holds your heart? And yet do you just sacrifice yourself to save them knowing that losing you again will cause them so much pain.

Time is ticking away. The truth has been spilled. The pieces of the mysteries puzzle has been put together. Now it is time to take her seat on the thrown where it is that she has belong all these years ago.

But you see it sad that all of this is caused because one person one individual could not accept the fact that just because you love somebody does not mean they themselves love you. One should not have to turn into a cold hearted person.


I am still in the middle of how I truly feel about this series. Yes it kept me on the edge of my seat. I really could not put it down. Yet there was just something missing that is holding me back from wanting to give them all 4stars. So I am giving them each 3.5🌟’s.

If this is something y’all are going to check out please contact me so I get your take on them.
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