Monday, February 8, 2016

Grab Taxi for Tess for FREE (limited time only).
An erotic short from the filthy mind of CJ Edwards… Not for the faint hearted!


A nightly feast on taxi-porn had put some dangerous ideas in my head. I had a black cab, it was fully fitted with cameras for security and I picked up gorgeous babes all the time. How hard could it be to make my own back seat porno?
This highly charged erotic short is the first of the Taxi Sex series. Guaranteed to leave you squirming in your seat!
˃˃˃ Extract:
I looked in the mirror again and saw she was looking straight at me, with a cheeky grin on her face. Fuck! That was all for my benefit! She was flirting with me! “What’s yer name luv?” I ventured.
“Tess,” she chirped. “And I’m eighteen to save you asking!”
“Who said I was gonna ask?” I smiled back and focused on the road.
For the next few minutes my mind flicked between the fantasy porn running through my head and the actual fit young bird in the back of my cab. I kept glancing and every time I looked her tits seemed perkier and her innocent face more cheeky. Finally, I found my balls and went for it. “It’s a long way to Northwood!”
“Has it moved then?”
I smiled again at the little madam and her cheeky humour and my cock went to half-mast. I had a rising urge to strip her naked and fuck her hard. The way things were going I was going to find it hard to resist. “I mean it’s going to be a big fare,” I added.
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