Thursday, January 14, 2016

Night Fox (Hey Sunshine Book 2) by Tia Giacalone

“Okay, Annabelle, make a wish!”

Over the past few hours I’d played ring toss, eaten my weight in baked goods and barbecue, and jogged about a thousand laps leading one technicolor pony or another. Now we were cutting Annabelle’s cake, a huge pink icing concoction so heavy that it took both me and Lucas to bring it to the table.

I watched Annabelle get ready to blow out her candles through the screen of my GoPro as all of her guests sang “Happy Birthday” in their various voices — some high-pitched and sweet, and in the case of my brother and Avery’s dad, baritone and serious. Twilight was setting in, the glow from the little flames reflecting in Annabelle’s eyes as she made her wish and took a deep breath, and in my head I was already editing the footage I’d shot of today.

While the parents of Annabelle’s friends led their children — or in some sugar-crashed cases, carried them — to their cars, Avery waved goodbye and thanked them for coming as we started to break the party down.

“We did good today, Fox.” Avery dropped down onto one of the picnic benches and started to scoop up an armful of paper cake plates to drop them into the trash. “Amazing what a little food coloring and glitter paint can do, right?”

“Annabelle had a great time,” I told her. “Did you?”

“Yes,” Avery said simply. “Almost everyone I love is right here.”

BLURB: Beckett Fox lives his life on the edge between danger and responsibility -

And that’s all he’s ever known… until he meets Avery. Now, time at home is more appealing than the do-or-die future he’d always pictured for himself.

Fox has everything he’s ever wanted. But he knows better than anyone that life can change direction faster than the wind.

When an accident threatens to destroy his entire world, Fox will have to choose between fighting for what he loves or letting his past dictate his future.

How much strength does it take to move forward when history seems determined to knock you down? And how do you find the path to redemption when you don’t even recognize your own life?

Author Bio: Tia Giacalone is a hairstylist, a former English Lit major, and blogger-turned-New Adult author.  After many years of writing a now-retired personal blog, her work was also featured on numerous forums including Open Salon and Hooray Collective. She believes in eyeliner as a defense mechanism, equal rights, and Marc Jacobs.  Her favorite things include One Direction, story time, and the overzealous use of punctuation. When not writing and reading, she binge watches only the best (subjective) TV shows.  Tia lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter, and tiny dog.


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