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Georgette's Weekly Reviews 04-24 to 05-07

Hello everyone!! Georgette here!

Sorry it’s been two weeks since my last post, I got very sick coming after getting back from the Cleveland Author Event.
How was the event you ask?? CRAZY!!!! WOW!!! I felt like I couldn’t breathe! Too many people in such a small place! But I did enjoy myself. Got to see some pretty amazing women who I adore! You know who you are!

So, with traveling and getting as sick as I did, I didn’t get too much reading done.  I guess as you will see below, I was kind of on a novella kick!  Please don’t get thrown by my ratings for some of the novellas, I never rate a novella over 3.5 stars, I just can’t see giving the same ratings for a short story as I do for a full length novel.  Now, when the authors publish all the novellas into one book, then I can and will rate it on a normal 5 scale rating system.

Well, below are my reads for the two weeks, I hope you enjoy my reviews!!

Phenomenal X – Michelle Valentine
Xavier, Xavier, Xavier….OMG!!!!
I loved this book!! Michelle veered off course with this one and really knocked us out with a fabulous story! Little innocent Anna Cortez didn’t know what she was getting into the moment she locked eyes with a sexy stranger on a flight!  X’s straight forwardness is something Anna is not used to.  She doesn’t know how to take this sexy man who has deemed her his friend and vows to keep things strictly friendly between them.  But as we all know, staying friends with someone you are extremely attracted to just doesn’t work!  When these two eventually give in to their wants and needs, things get very explosive…HOT HOT HOT!!!  Xavier becomes more protective and possessive over Anna than he originally was.  Watch out anyone who thinks they can mess with this duo, X is not the person to get angry!
I highly recommend this book to the readers!! Please go out and get it!! And Michelle, darling, please HURRY UP with the next book!!! Yes people, there is a cliffhanger, beware!!!
5 stars for this amazing story!!

Fragile Bonds – Sloan Johnson
Ok, so I started this one immediately after finishing the last one…mistake #1
Then, I was at the Cleveland Author Event for the weekend with family…mistake #2
I didn’t get to finish this one until I got back from Cleveland and was home sick for almost an entire week…mistake #3
When I first started reading this and the name Xavier popped up I was scared to read it!! I just finished a book with an amazing Xavier character and didn’t want to compare the two.  Well, luckily for me, the second Xavier was another amazing character and I was definitely able to tell the difference between the two!!
Talk about an emotional journey…Oh my!!! I had NO IDEA what I was in store for here!! You think I said that Michelle veered off course…well Sloan did a total 180 with this story!! Completely different from anything she has previously published.  And that chance she took to change….A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!! Blew my mind!!
Melanie’s ability to put her feelings aside and do the job she was hired for was above and beyond! She was such a strong female with great values that I was simply in awe of her.  Her ability to love the entire Ross family despite her history was breathtaking.  I don’t think I’d ever be able to do what Melanie did!
Alyssa was also an amazing female character and I cried desperately for her.  An amazing mother and wonderful wife whose path in life would lead her away from the family she loved so dearly, how could you not cry??  And then, to entrust her family into the hands of the woman she never lived up to be…whew…I could NOT do it!!
I’m getting even more emotional just trying to write this review!
I’m telling you people, you NEED to read this book!!
5++++ emotionally draining stars!! Go get it!! Enjoy it!! And most importantly, learn to embrace life and all that it brings as you never know when something will get in the way of your hopes and dreams!

Take Me for Granted – KA Linde
You all know I’m a big KA Linde fan.  I adore her! This new series of hers is a fantastic one! The dual POV’s really get you into what each character is thinking, something new to KA Linde’s writing. It’s refreshing.
Grant is a no good manwhore, Aribel is a straight laced good girl.  When their worlds collide, the chemistry is off the charts.
I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend the read.
4 stars to the amazing KA! Can’t wait for the next book!

First Night – Lauren Blakely
Another one of my favorite authors!! I had a great two weeks of loving them!!
This is a sexy, hot, fun novella.  It introduces us to Clay and Julia.  Talk about deep sexual chemistry…well these two blow the charts off of that one!!
Great introduction into the series!!
3.25 stars for this novella!!

Night After Night – Lauren Blakely
This is the full length novel of Clay and Julia. 
This is a very sexually charged book! As I said before, their chemistry is off the charts wild!
But Julia can’t have everything she wants…she’s stuck in a situation that she should have never been in in the first place.  She won’t let anyone in on this secret and it causes tension in her relationship with Clay.
Clay will do anything for Julia but she just can’t see that.
Will Julia eventually let Clay in?? 
If you are looking for a sexy, hot thriller, then I definitely recommend this one! I cannot wait for the next book!!
4 stars!! Go and get it!

Chase – Cassia Leo

I bought this book a very long time ago and finally decided to give it a read.  I’m glad I waited to read it as I wasn’t as thrilled with this book as I have been with much more of Cassia’s works.  To me, the conclusion of this story was too realistic, even for a fictional book. 
I did enjoy Chase but I did not like the way Larissa was treated and affected in this story.
I’m going to give this book 2.5 stars…which is really low for me to give any book.

Luke – Cassia Leo
This is another of Cassia’s books I bought a long time ago and waited to read.  After the disappointment I had in reading Chase, I really was hoping for some redemption to an author I adore…and she gave it to me!! Whew!
I really enjoyed Luke and Brina. 
Brina’s original role in Luke’s life does not happen the way she intended it to. 
Luke was aware of Brina’s plans all along but had hope that she wouldn’t turn her back on him.
Give this one a try and enjoy the emotional journey you are brought on by these two characters!
I gave this book 3.5 stars…much better than the last one!!

Knox Volume 1 – Cassia Leo
Yes, I was kind of on a Cassia train last week…catching up on all of these series...well, at least trying to!
Knox Savage, sexy security owner, meets Rebecca Veneta, escaped mob daughter.  Meet intense sexual chemistry!
Knox is sent to get Becky and she will not go down without a fight.  But that fight turns into matters of sexual nature instead of matters of life and death. 
I enjoyed this novella.  I’m glad I decided to keep going after the previous books!
3.5 stars for this novella!!

Knox Volume 2 – Cassia Leo
Things get more intense between Knox and Rebecca in this second installment.  We learn more about the past of Knox and Rebecca also.  We learn that Knox is exactly who Rebecca thought he was. 
This second installment is another sexually charged one…keep lots of clean panties around reading this series!
3.25 stars for this novella

Know Volume 3 – Cassia Leo
The third installment of this series is making this it more and more intense!! Knox and Rebecca have an incredible relationship that is put through the test.  In this book, we get to finally meet Rebecca’s father, John, the mob boss.  But the circumstances around meeting him are not what you expected.  They are on a mission to save Rebecca…will they get there on time, or will they be too late?  Will everyone survive this battle?  Stay tuned to find out.
3.5 stars for this novella and I cannot wait until the next book comes out!!

The Proposition 4 – HM Ward
If you thought you were going to get answers as to what is happening with Brian in this book…well, just read and see!! HA!
Another great installment of this series from HM Ward!! But again, leaves us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next one to find out the answers to all of our questions!! UGH!!!
3.5 stars for this installment.  Please hurry with the next one!!

Well, that’s all for now folks!! I’m currently reading Flame (Fierce #2) by Clarissa Wild…then I’m getting into the third installment of Lauren Blakely’s Seductive Nights! 

Happy reading! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s out there and to the Dads who have to play the roles of both mom and dad!!

With all my love!

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