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Shattered Lives Mended Heart by Lena Nicole Blog Tour and Review by Tammy

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If you have not read The One Left Behind, this synopsis will be a spoiler to that book.
Addison's life was shattered a year ago when she was left with no memory of her fiancé. When Pierce entered her life she thought she was on the mend until her memories of Colin came back.
With having all her old memories flooding back, Addison is left faced with the consequences of the decision she made to move on with another man.
Now faced with loving two men Addison must find it in her heart who her soul mate is without breaking the heart of the other.
Will Addison run away leaving everyone with shattered lives or make a decision that will mend hearts?
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I put my hand on the nape of her neck and pull her gently toward me. “Come here, Addison,” I whisper to her. Her eyes lock in on my lips and the air shifts between us. It’s so full of want and need that I can’t stand it anymore. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to touch her intimately that I don’t know how I’ve lasted this long.
I seal her lips with mine and am met with a soft moan from Addison. After a moment of gentle kissing, I deepen it and part her lips with my tongue. She grabs me by the shirt, leans back, and pulls me on top of her. I run my hand up the outside of her thigh as I devour her lips. I had taken off my jacket and tie when we walked in the door, and now she’s working on the buttons of my shirt. Her hands are shaking and fumbling as she struggles to get them undone. I’m considering pulling back and putting a stop to this since she seems so nervous, but when I pull back to look into her eyes I see that it’s not nerves making her shake, it’s pure lust and need. I sit up and undo the rest of the buttons and slide my shirt off. “Stop teasing me, Colin. I need you.”



Jaime Nicole Whitley is an Army wife and stay at home mom to her wonderful son Aiden and daughter Peyton, who has a passion for music, reading, NASCAR and football season. She grew up in New Jersey and lived in Las Vegas for a couple years working as a medical assistant before meeting her husband. While following his career, she ended up in North Carolina. Along with her two children Jaime also has a furbaby who is a mixed lab. When she met Lena, she was so excited to share the same passion for books with her and jumped at the chance to write her own novel with a little encouragement from her husband.
Rachael Lena Duncan is an Army wife to her amazing husband, Steven, and mother to their beautiful daughter's, Natalie, and Zoe. She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and went off to graduate from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor's degree in political science. She once had dreams of being in politics and working behind the scenes as a political advisor. After working on Capitol Hill for a short time, she realized that wasn't for her. She always enjoyed writing and wanted to find a way to use that while moving from state to state with her husband's career. Fortunately, she met Nicole and was able to embark on this amazing journey with her.
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Tammy's Review:
Shattered Lives Mended Hearts by: Lena Nicole… 3.5 stars
Snip of the book: Addison life was fractured a year ago. When she was left with no memory of her fiancé. When Pierce entered her life she thought she was on the mend until her memories of Colin resurfaced. With her old memories back Addison is left to deal with the consequences of the decision she made to move on with another man. Now faced with loving two men Addison must figure out who her soul mate is without breaking the heart of the other.

That is a mouth full. And I would not want to be in Addison’s shoes at this point. All I can say is REALLY a flippin tie!!!!!!!!!! Of all the things like Colin said it was the tie that bought back her memory. Not his telling of how they spent time together. Not the kiss he finally gave to her. But a tie? I mean I can see that. It does happen. My problem is how the rest of the book played out. 

(taking deep breathe) Let’s go by characters.
Addison….my opinion selfish, self-centered no common sense what so ever. She loves 2 men. Has built a relationship with both that are completely different. With Colin she is in the “safe zone” as I call it. Which there is nothing wrong with. Yet with Pierce she is in the “high impact zone”. This is also perfectly fine. Now my thing is really simple. If 1 guy is able to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Give you goose bumps just by looking at you. And be able to melt your panties off just by speaking your name do you really need to do this long drawn out flipping back and forth between the 2? I don’t think so. 

Bring on Pierce. Yeah for a 29yr old CEO of a company I have to say the man is stupid. I get that Sam is (cough cough) is not all there mentally. However, how do you NOT see what it is that she is doing. Please do not give me that love is blind crap cause that has nothing to do with this. Any who. He is in my opinion again trying to win the love of Addy through money. Giving her this trip here and there. Buying her this bracelet or necklace there. Sorry you don’t buy ones love. I do give him credit for getting her out of her shell. A helping her experience new and exciting things. 

Finally I give you Colin. My heart went out to him in book 1. Here I want to slap the sh*t out of him. WAKE UP DUDE!!!!!!! How can you not see that she is slipping through your hands. But did you really fight for her like you said you would? I mean in a way he did. In the first book. This one I am not so sure about that. I just did not feel the same way about him anymore. To me they made him weak here. 
On the plus side there is one part of this book that I did love. When it is stated. “Do you have any idea what it feels like to not remember someone and when you finally do you get to feel the pain from all the hurt you caused the one person you love? Relive it through your head and have the realization smack you in the face that you did nothing to try and remember him? Or how about remembering each and every heartbreaking look someone is giving you, but you’re too blind to see it because you can’t remember them and you’re too busy being happy with another man? I can’t believe how incredibly selfish I am.”

That right there says it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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