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Georgette's Weekly Book Reads 08/22 to 08/28

Hello Everyone!! Hope everyone had a great read week!    I didn't have too much reading done but those I did read, were really good books!  I also had the honor of reading the ARC of Retribution, book 4 in the Mystic Series by BC Burgess and it was amazing! But I'll tell you all about it later.

Retribution (Mystic #4)

Here are my reads this week:

Aug 22nd -
Adam, Enough Said - This Can't Be Happening #3 - Lynda LeeAnne
This was the third book in this series.  I enjoyed Adam much more than I did the previous books!  These alpha males really just do something tingly to me.  He was not as mean or sharp as Tony was in book 2 nor was he as mushy as Landyn was in book 1.  Adam really had it all.  His love and devotion for Mia was really felt here.  I was very happy with this book.  I gave it 4.25 stars and out of all the books in the series, this one is definitely my favorite...

Aug 23rd - 
Losing Him - Mitchell Family #8 - Jenn Foor
Damn you Jenn Foor!! You made me cry throughout this ENTIRE book!! Moreover, you made me like that spiteful and conniving bitch Heather! You made me love her and feel sorry for her and want everything for could you do that??  I wasn't prepared for all you put us through in this book! I gave this book 4.25 stars, if you haven't read this series, you really should, those Mitchell boys are f'ing HOT!!

Aug 24th - 
Wethering the Storm - The Storm #2 - Samantha Towle
Jake Wethers...yummy!! This is the conclusion to Jake and Tru's story.  With it brings a lot of love, not so much understanding and a little heartache.  This story definitely gave you the final happily ever after you wanted for Tru and Jake.  It also brought Simone and Denny their HEA... I rated this book 4.5 stars and if you read the first book, you definitely need to read the second!

Aug 25th - 
Arsen - Mia Asher
This book had my emotions really all over the place.  I really just wanted to smack some serious sense into Cathy in this book! She has this wonderful husband who loves and cherishes her and what does she do??? She totally fucks it up!! Cheating stories are really hard for me.  This wasn't easy to get through.  My heart bled over and over again for Ben in this book.  Arsen was a good guy but not that good!! I would've never done what Cathy did.  I would've been more vocal with those who loved me, let them help me...I don't I said, this book was difficult for me.  I gave this book 3.5 stars because although I didn't like the cheating, the book was very well written and overall it was a good story.  If you have a problem with cheating, do NOT read this book.  

August 27th - 
Retribution - The Mystic Series #4 - BC Burgess
Retribution (Mystic #4)
This book was AMAZING!!!! I absolutely adored it!! I love Layla and Quin!! Here is my goodreads review on the book..
's review
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Read from August 26 to 27, 2013

Received an ARC from the author.

FIVE AMAZING STARS!!! WOW!! This book blew me away!! Such love and emotion shown from the entire coven and so many others!!

When we left off in Deception, Layla and Quin had finally bonded. Now their lights shine like nothing anyone has ever seen. Layla's emotions are so much higher in this book and Quin's protective streak is even greater. With the looming Argo not far behind them, they get ready to face the battle of a lifetime. So many tears are shed. Volunteers and family from all over convene to take down the Dark Elite. There are traitors and spies on both sides who will be found out. Layla's relationship with baby Alana is one of the most precious relationships one can have with a child, it will bring you to tears every time they are around. As time for the epic battle approaches, families will become closer than ever and some will sacrifice everything. The Dark Elite will learn not to mess with the Earth Angel's family as she has more power than ever seen and will destroy everything in her path to protect and save those she loves.

The epilogue of this book really has me going. I cannot wait for Destruction! I hope B.C. Burgess does not make us wait too long!

I am amazed at the brilliant writing this author does and will always be a huge fan! I very highly recommend this series to any and all! I cannot wait to see how others will view this book and truly hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

 I highly recommend this series to any and all!! Next week, as celebration of the release of this book, I will be doing some giveaways on our blog page, so stay tuned!

Well bitches, that's about all for now! Hope you enjoyed this week's short version! Hope to see you soon! For now, I'm off to read another ARC!


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