Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Georgette's Week in Reading 07/30 to 08/06

Hello Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great week!

I know you all saw the announcement that I have taken on a partner.  I will still post my weekly reads as I have been doing with my recommendations.  

I didn't read too much again this week as it has been a very busy one...time just seems to get away!

I don't have a giveaway this week...personal reasons but I do hope you enjoy the books I've read:

July 30th -
The Arrangement 9 - HM Ward

This was the ninth installment of this series and I was really hoping to finally get my HEA....unfortunately, HM Ward thinks it's funny to keep us on our feet!! UGH!!!  The way this book ends really was a mind fuck! OUCH!! Did NOT see that ending coming...and I have to wait another 3 weeks for the next book...WHY OH WHY???  Well, I guess that is better than most books we have to wait months for when we are left with cliffhangers...As a novella, I'm going to give this book 3.75 stars...which you know is very high for me to rate this kind of book!

August 1st - 
Travis - Alluring Indulgence #3 - Nicole Edwards

I did enjoy this book...nothing like 2 hot alpha males!  This book is about the oldest of the Walker boys and I really loved the first two books, Kaleb and Zane.  My problem with this book was there was too much Gage in it...I felt it was more about him than about Travis.  I know they were building the story around both men and Kylie but the book was named Travis, not Travis and Gage...I know, I'm being picky...I gave this book 4.25 stars because although I was being picky, it was a good book with a good story.

August 2nd - 
A Humble Heart - Hollywood Hearts #1 - RL Matthewson

This looks to have been one of RL Matthewson's early books.  I did enjoy this book.  It was really nice to see a woman take herself and her kids from a miserable life to a very happy and successful one.  And STILL appreciate the simpler things in life!  The same is to be said about the male character in this book, who himself is very successful but still only wants the simple things.  I am giving this book 4 stars as the story line captured me and made me believe.

August 3rd -
A Reclusive Heart - Hollywood Hearts #2 - RL Matthewson

This was the second book in the series and I just had to read one right after the other!  Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this story as much as I did the first.  I kind of got tired of hearing (ok, reading) "My Little Recluse", it really got annoying.  I am giving this book 3.5 stars.

August 4th -
In The End - Timing is Everything #3 - Erika Ashby

I loved getting Jake's story!! This should've been a #0.5 since it happened before MoFo, but that's ok.  I loved that we were lead to no longer hate Jake!  Thank you Erika for giving us that!  As a novella, I gave this one my highest rating of 3.75! If you've read MoFo, than you need to read this one! If you haven't, what are you waiting for?

August 5th -
Ending a Broken Journey - Melissa L. Delgado

We got a review and some teasers from Cristin last week on this book and she wasn't wrong! I LOVED this book! Such emotions brought out...excellent job Melissa!! I love that 1st loves can come back to you! Congrats on your first book!! I can't wait to read more and get Jax's story!  I gave this book 4.75 amazing stars!  If you are in the mood for an emotional read, I definitely recommend this...

August 6th - 
Bring Me Home - Shattered Hearts #3 - Cassia Leo

Ok. I don't know what to say.  Cassia broke my heart!! Claire did not wind up with the man I've been rooting for since Relentless! Why would she do that to me???  Yeah, I learned to love who she wound up with but it wasn't the same.  This was a very good book though and I did enjoy my head, I just switched the characters name to where I wanted them to be! HAHA!  I gave this book 4.25 stars and do recommend this series.  It's another emotional one.

Well, I am finishing up Tammara Webber's Here Without You (Between the Lines #4) today then I am on to the hotness of Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson.

Happy Reading Everyone!

I'm out bitches!  Love to you all!

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