Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hey All!!

I'm back from my wonderful mini vacation and can't wait until Saturday for the New York Author Event...I'm so excited!!  I can't wait to see all my favorite authors again and meet some new ones!! 

This week, along with the excitement of seeing Tara Sivec again, I would am going to give away 5 ebooks of Watch Over Me.  Tara is proudly donating $1.00 from every sale of both her ebook and paperback to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I am here to support her cause and I hope everyone will also support it.

I will randomly pick the 5 winners from those who leave comments on today's blog post.  Good luck everyone!!

Ok, so now let's talk about the books that I've read in the last week...there hasn't been as many as normal as I was away on vacation, quite a few novellas this time around!

July 17th -
Innocence Defied - New York #3 - Lainey Reese

The third installment of this series was a lot different than the first two.  I was a little thrown off by the age of the girl in this book but once I got over that, the book did pull through for me.  I enjoyed Gage in book 2 so I was very happy to get his story in book 3!  I gave this book 4 stars.  Please enjoy reading this series!

July 18th -
No Going Back - Timing is Everything #2 - Erika Ashby

After the heart break we were left with at the end of Moving Forward, I really needed this book!  Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this book as much as I did the first one.  There was so much more heart break here.  Mallory and Seth deserved so much more in my opinion.  I gave this book 3.5 stars.  I'm sorry, I really wish I could've gave it more but I need more in this book.  If you've read the first book, you do have to read this book to know everything that happened at the end.  I will recommend this book.

July 19th - 22nd
The Arrangement Series - HM Ward

I'm only giving you the cover of the first book here, but on the links page, I will give you the links to all of the series.  
After reading Damaged 1 & 2, I really needed to get the back story of Sean from this series.  Currently, there are 8 novellas.  Based on the novellas, I would give each one a 3.5 (which is the higher than I would ever rate a novella).  But if this was one book, I would definitely give at least a 4.5.  I love how each novella starts right where the last one left off.  I cannot wait for book 9 in this series!! The end of 8 really has me standing on my toes waiting!! Great job in this series.  I also can't wait for Stripped to come out which is also a Ferro brothers book! I definitely recommend these books.

July 23rd -
Thief - Love Me With Lies #3 - Tarryn Fisher

I waited so long for this book to come out and was a little disappointed.  I felt there was still something missing here.  I was so happy to get Caleb's POV and his history.  I was so glad to see that there were a lot of things that weren't as they seemed from when we read The Opportunist and Dirty Red!!  I can't stand that bitch Leah!! She needs to rot in hell!! Well, at least at the end of the book, Leah did do ONE good thing...not telling, there are NO spoilers posted here!  I gave this book a 4.25 rating.  Again, I feel something was still missing.  I will definitely recommend reading this as long as you read the first two books in the series.

Well, that's all I've read in this last week...hopefully, next week I will have more but seeing as I will be in NY, I may not! 

For those of you who did not see, there is also an author event in Phoenix in September you all should attend!! Unfortunately, I cannot but I hope you all sign up!! There are plenty of seats left for this event.  Below is the sign up link for this event.

As I stated earlier, I will be giving away 5 ebooks of Watch Over Me by Tara Sivec this week.  I will randomly pick 5 winners from those of you who leave a comment on this post.  Good luck everyone!  Please leave your email address and preference of either kindle or nook.

Well, bitches, I'm out until next week!! Happy Reading!!


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