Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello There!!
I've been neglecting my blog for a while now...bad me!! I start than I just let it lag...UGH!!

I'd like to update you on the books I've read recently and how I've rated them.  There will be a lot below so please be patient with me as I try to get thru them all.  I will go in order of the books I've read since my last blog post....

June 16th -
Recovery - Mending Hearts #1.5 - LB Simmons
I loved loved loved this book!! What a great story following Running On Empty!  I rated this book at 4.75, definitely a recommended read if you read the first book...can't wait for Running in Place!

June 17th -
Miss Me Not - Tiffany King
This is definitely a fabulous read! Especially for those who've suffered depression...this was well thought out by the author and very well depicted!  I rated this book a 5, highly recommend this book

Watch Over Me - Tara Sivec
Come on, it's Tara Sivec, what is there NOT to love about her books!! I gave this one a 4.5 and do recommend reading it!

June 20th - 
Redneck Romeo - Rough Riders #15 - Lorelei James
Oh Dalton, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...yeah, 5 stars for all the McKay boys, no doubt about it!!

June 21st -
Limits - Lengths #3 - Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt
I was so glad to get Genevieve's story and that she finally realized she wasn't in love with Deo.  This was a good one.  There were some grammar and typos but you can easily forgive them.  I gave this one 3.5 stars...if you haven't read the whole series, please start from the beginning with Lengths.

June 22nd -
Following Me - KA Linde
This was a good quick read.  I love KA Linde's Avoiding Series so this was a no brainer for me to pick up and read!  I gave this one 4 stars and recommend reading it.

Until Fountain Bridge - On Dublin Street #1.6 - Samantha Young
I did enjoy this little novella but to me it wasn't enough story for Ellie and Adam...they deserved so much more!  I gave this one 3 stars because I wanted more!

One Perfect Night - Bella Andre
Cute little novella.  Really wish there was more, could've been a good book...I gave this one 3.25 stars...it was just a novella afterall.

June 23rd -
Just Remember to Breathe - Thompson Sisters #2 - Charles Sheehan-Miles
I adore the Thompson sister series, I would highly recommend these books.  I gave this one 4.5 stars!  Please start with A Song for Julia if you are interested in these books.  They are written kind of like stand alones but you get spoilers if you don't read them in order.   I definitely have to get reading the third book, The Last Hour.

Beg, Tease - Songs of Submission #'s 1&2 - CD Reiss
These were good.  There are currently 6 of the books out in this series, I think they could have all been put into one book.  I would've enjoyed them more like that.  I gave each book a 3 because as I said earlier....they are Novellas.

June 24th - 
Submit, Jessica and Sharon, Control - Songs of Submission #'s 3, 3.5 and 4 - CD Reiss
Again, as per my comment above on the first 2 books, these all could've been done in one book.  All of them also received a 3.

June 25th - 
Burn - Songs of Submission #5 - CD Reiss
I enjoyed this entire series.  This one received 3 stars and I can't wait for the next book Resist to come out in August...

June 26th -
The Game Changer - The Perfect Game #2 - Jenn Sterling
Jenn did us very good in this book!! I was so happy that she gave us all the missing time from when Cassie and Jack split until they got back together!! It was amazing to read everything that Jack felt and all that he went through!! 5 amazing stars ont his book!! Read this series if you haven't yet, trust me, you won't be disappointed!!!

June 27th -
Glass Hearts - Hearts #2 - Lisa DeJong
Great sequel to Plastic Hearts.  Wish there had been more to the story though, this one was more of a novella than a full book.  I gave this one 4 stars.

June 29th - 
Damaged #2 - HM Ward
I adore Peter!! This one was a sequel I was most definitely not disappointed in!! I will definitely be reading The Arrangement Seriesto catch up on what I've been missing all this time in Sean and Avery's story!!!  5 stars on this one!

June 30th -
Rock My World - Black Falcon #2.5 - Michelle Valentine
How could you not love more Riff????  This was a great novella!! Usually I don't give novellas more than a 3 rating for being short stories but this one definitely gets a 4!

July 2nd -
Falling Into Us - Falling #2 - Jasinda Wilder
Becca and Jason's story was just AMAZEBALLS!!!!  So happy not to have the typical story of being together, not being together, etc....it was so refreshing to read a love story without constant angst and trust issues.  Definitely 5++++ stars on this one! Please read this!!!

July 4th - 
Out of Breath - Breathing #3 - Rebecca Donovan
I was a bit disappointed after waiting for a year for the final installment of this series.  I don't think that Evan was treated properly in this book.  Emma was treated as if she were made of glass.  The epilogue was very disappointing.  Too much story was left out, characters just up and disappeared...I gave this book 3.5 stars...sorry...

July 6th - 
This Man Confessed - This Man #3 - Jodi Ellen Malpas
Jesse Ward, you bastard, I love you!!!! This book was definitely the best of the three of them!! Jesse melted my heart so many times!!! The epilogue is EPIC!!! Love love love this book!!! 5++++ stars on this one!! Great job on giving us a wonderful conclusion to Ava and Jesse's story!!

July 7th -
Facade - Games #2 - Nyrae Dawn
OMG!! What a beautiful story!!  Both Adrian and Delaney broke my heart!!! WOW!!!  I definitely recommend this book!!! 5 stars from me here!!

July 8th -
Search Me - Katie Ashley
This was a cute story!! Not what I expected from this author!! It was quite the adventure.  I gave this book 3.75 stars.

Well, there you have them all that I've missed posting!! Sorry it took so long to get back here.  Hope you all enjoy!!

Today's reads are Star Crossed by Alisha Watts, a cute little novella and Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren...I will let you know tomorrow how they turned out!

Tune in again soon for more updates!!
Love Ya Bitches!!

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